7 Ways to Prepare Christian Teen Girls For Dating

June 28th, 2011

Face it mommy (or daddy). Your little girl is no longer as little as you think. She is now blossoming into a young and graceful woman. Sooner or later, boys will invite her to go out on dates. What can you do about this? You can’t just stop your little girl from growing up. You might as well prepare her for dating.

The dating world is such a chaotic world to live in most especially if you are trying to stick to your Christian values. Before letting her dip her foot into the scary waters of dating, you might want to show her the ropes.

1 Slowly acquaint her with dating. Let her try group dating before letting her go to individual dates. This will help her adjust to the personalities of males. In addition, it will also help her feel comfortable being around with the opposite sex.

Let her join church group activities and/ or school events. You can even volunteer as chaperon in some of these events. You can observe your girl as you volunteer. As you go home, discuss how she reacted or interacted with males. You can give her points to remember based on your observation.

2 Tell her about your expectations. Tell her how a good Christian girl should behave. Cite bible passages to help her stay true to her Christian values. Most importantly, let her know of the importance of steering clear from temptations. Inform her that a good relationship stems from strong friendships so it is important to get to know her date first before judging.

3 Explain to her the importance of preserving her morals and high self-respect. You may be aware that teens are subjected to peer pressure so let her know that fitting in the “cool kids” crowd is not important. The important thing is that she knows herself, her faith, and her morals.

4 Inquire. Ask her about her opinions. Listen attentively while she is explaining. This will let your daughter feel that you understand what she is going through and that you are there to help her.

5 Read the Bible with her. Pray with her too. Don’t forget to ask for guidance for your daughter’s dating life.

6 Talk about the possible consequences of damaging dating deeds such as premarital sex. Let her know that Christian dating does not involve this kind of worldly activities. Instead, have her encourage her date to pray with her or discuss other matters. Better yet, have your daughter date males with the same faith.

7 Let her continue reading the Bible. In case she needs help, have her check the Bible for scriptures that are applicable to her situation. You can offer her a sympathetic ear and a comforting shoulder too.

Your daughter might be a young woman but she is still learning the ropes of dating. With the help of the tips in this post, guide her so that she may live (and date) according to the morals of her Christian faith.

Take care.

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6 Tips To Start Dating After a Terrible Break Up

June 2nd, 2011

Starting over after
a painful break up is difficult. During this time, you are still
picking up the pieces of your heart. It is also this time that you
start to gain confidence. You are still burnt from your previous
relationship so you are still testing the waters.

Going back to the
dating world can be a bittersweet experience for you. All you need
to do is to figure out how to go back into the “game”.
The tips below can guide you back into dating.

  1. Give
    yourself some time to heal
    . Time heals all wounds so don’t
    rush into another relationship if you recently just broke with up
    your lover. I am certain that you still find it hard to trust
    another person after a failed relationship.

push yourself right now. Allow yourself to mourn for the loss.
After those tears have dried up, I am sure that you are back up on
your feet again and you are doing well without being in a

  1. Past is
    . Never date if you have not recovered from the break up
    yet. Remember that what happened in the past has nothing to do with
    your new lover. It is also unfair if you take out your frustrations
    on the new person.

If you are back to dating, leave the past behind. Throw your old
memories over your shoulder and start a fresh set of new memories
with your new love. Holding a grudge is unhealthy as well so leave
it all behind. Just keep moving forward.

  1. Date someone
    outside your ideals or type
    . For example, if you like tall guys
    who are funny, why not try dating the serious types? Who knows, it
    can be fun for you. This way, you will get to meet new people
    outside your type.

  2. Be ready to
    . You are single now so learn to have fun. Go out but do
    not let others pressure you into getting into a relationship. Just
    meet people and gain new friends. You can join speed dating or any
    event that involves singles. Use this time to travel to different
    places as well. You might meet your future husband or wife during
    this trip.

  3. Make a
    mental note of what you want
    . It can be a personality trait or
    a situation. If you are sensitive to your needs and wants, you will
    most likely find your mate because you will not settle for anything

  4. Do not
    assume other identities
    . Be free to be you. Don’t
    pretend to be something or some else that you are not. Take pride
    in your qualities and strengths. Remember that you have so many
    good things to be proud of so let your true self shine. If you
    want, you can voice out what you want in a relationship so that both
    parties know what they are entering.

I know for a fact
that dating after a break up is difficult. But I assure you that you
will recover from the pain. Good luck and may you find your true

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#jroi christian chat Log

May 31st, 2011

Just so you know what the chat is all about here is a recent sample chat log from #jroi chat room
We invite everyone to come join us in the chat rooms.
Free christian text chat that is safe and friendly that requires no registration or activation.
chat now in real time instantly connect with others from all over the world.
[6:00] … Joins: Anon0225 [~Anon0225@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[6:00] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i’m not worried about it… way i see it… its 60 years away….
[6:00] … Nick: Anon0225 is now known as [PrincessAsh]
[6:00] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i will explain how i get that number….
[6:00] (Tyz) well obamas in office. . .
[6:00] (Tyz) kidding kidding.
[6:00] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i’m 25……
[6:00] (PrincessAsh) evening lovies
[6:00] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) in 60 years i will be 85….
[6:00] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i’m sure i will be dead by then lol
[6:00] (Tyz) rofl
[6:00] (Alessia) i think it can happen anytime now, because all the things that were suppose to happen (what was prophesed in the bible) happened
[6:00] (Tyz) naw actually
[6:00] (Tyz) theres alot still that hasn’t happened
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) read the end of daniel
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) the prophecy there…
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) the eagle… n mixed nation…..
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) sounds like us… n eagle is our symbol….
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) :)
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) boo ya! uh huh … uh huh….
[6:01] (Tyz) lots of intresting stuff.
[6:01] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) victory dance…twirling… can’t dance
[6:01] (Tyz) rofl
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) yes i’m a guy….
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) is it weird i am wearing a ballerina too too as i type?
[6:02] (Tyz) I can dance. . two step. . and my own funkyness. . when everyone elses dancing and I have to just break out and be weird.
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol nice
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) thats the way to go
[6:02] (Tyz) yeah. rofl
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) dance like no1 i s watching
[6:02] (lala209) 1seen jesse
[6:02] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) eagles was a symbol of the nazi party as well thought
[6:02] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) thought*
[6:02] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) though*
[6:02] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) no…
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) the nazis took the eagles n put em to work… then put em in concentration camps
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i thought
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol
[6:03] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) yes..
[6:03] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) nazis’ made eagles work?
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) well, only the jewish ones
[6:03] (Tyz) the world has to come to a false world peace deal still, not to mention some toehr stuff.
[6:03] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) Eagles were used in the nazi party stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) don’t call me stupid
[6:03] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol
[6:03] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) http://www.thirdreichruins.com/reichsadler.htm
[6:04] (Tyz) ROFl
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) i’m sensitive
[6:04] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) then change ur nick thar mouse
[6:04] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) :P
[6:04] (PrincessAsh) mmmm corn pops
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) grrr
[6:04] (lala209) lol nevermind
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) food!
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol
[6:04] (CuteCowboy) ashweee :D
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) corn pops and gravy
[6:04] (Tyz) I have had alot of dreams of world end stuff actually
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) nope
[6:04] (Alessia) i know we are waiting for the peace settlement
[6:04] (Tyz) all pretty. . .interesting.
[6:04] … Quits: Alek [~Alek@C62ED7D2.C39A54F1.716D973B.IP] (Ping timeout)
[6:04] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) like what dreams?
[6:05] (PrincessAsh) i had a dream last night… in lego… but i think thats from all the lego pirates of the carrabean i’ve been playing
[6:06] (lala209) lol ah legos i remember those
[6:06] (lala209) :D
[6:06] … Joins: Alek [~Alek@7F82D005.22B7D31F.A4694B41.IP]
[6:06] @(`Ruxpin) hey Alek
[6:06] (PrincessAsh) hey Alek :D
[6:06] (Alek) hiya
[6:06] (Alek) :)
[6:07] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) hi
[6:07] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) what do people think of katy perry?
[6:07] @(`Ruxpin) how many of you have dreamt you were chatting?
[6:07] Alek whaps Missy around with a fishy
[6:07] (Alek) i like her ILOVEBIOLOGY
[6:07] (stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d) lol
[6:07] (PrincessAsh) musicaly, talented. her husband… oddly attractive
[6:07] (lala209) i love her music
[6:07] (Alek) I don’t know abou that `Ruxpin.. that’s extreme :P
[6:07] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) my parents don’t like me listening to her
[6:07] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud I have
[6:07] (lala209) i like et
[6:07] (PrincessAsh) how old are you?
[6:07] (lala209) lol
[6:08] … Quits: stupid_sensitive_mouse_keeps_d [~txupetmhz@JesusRocksOnIrc-63327DE4.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] (Client exited)
[6:08] (CuteCowboy) hugs ashley
[6:08] … Joins: jroi-user_1540 [~mhwwjpygl@5FC6C86E.254CCE2E.23C1C6B2.IP]
[6:08] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) 18
[6:08] … Joins: sniperguy [~ymcrmhjtr@D1181E07.701BB3B7.12090260.IP]
[6:08] (jroi-user_1540) hi
[6:08] (Tyz) sorry back, forgot to say brb
[6:08] (Tyz) lol
[6:08] … Parts: sniperguy [~ymcrmhjtr@D1181E07.701BB3B7.12090260.IP]
[6:08] … Joins: TheBibleDare [~txupetmhz@JesusRocksOnIrc-63327DE4.hsd1.fl.comcast.net]
[6:08] … Parts: deethug [~uzjcnklrj@8B5ACD04.ECC057AB.254EB1F5.IP]
[6:09] … Quits: jroi-user_1540 [~mhwwjpygl@5FC6C86E.254CCE2E.23C1C6B2.IP] (Client exited)
[6:09] (PrincessAsh) hmmmm. toy storys almost over.. what should i watch next
[6:09] (TheBibleDare) ok
[6:09] (TheBibleDare) better name now
[6:09] (lala209) hi jus was talkn to my mom lol
[6:09] (lala209) shes coo
[6:09] (TheBibleDare) .com :) ~
[6:10] (lala209) hey ruxpin wich chatline is this the chatters one or watever
[6:10] … Joins: deethug [~uzjcnklrj@8B5ACD04.ECC057AB.254EB1F5.IP]
[6:10] (TheBibleDare) : )~
[6:10] … Quits: tears4fears [~wijvuhwve@JesusRocksOnIrc-38E2B47A.hsd1.ms.comcast.net] (Ping timeout)
[6:10] … Parts: deethug [~uzjcnklrj@8B5ACD04.ECC057AB.254EB1F5.IP]
[6:10] … Quits: TheBibleDare [~txupetmhz@JesusRocksOnIrc-63327DE4.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] (Client exited)
[6:10] (PrincessAsh) this is considered the teen rooms, but it’s more of a lobby… over half the pple in here aren’t teens
[6:10] … Joins: gothjo25 [~qzujqdorx@JesusRocksOnIrc-815E6F83.bb.sky.com]
[6:10] (lala209) oh ok lol ill tell my mom that so its a lobby
[6:11] (Timmy) i’m not a teen :)
[6:11] (PrincessAsh) neither am i.
[6:11] (lala209) im not either im lol
[6:11] @(`Ruxpin) we want to keep the chat here teen appropriate though
[6:11] (Timmy) yes
[6:11] (lala209) yes amen
[6:11] (Timmy) sorry `Rux :P
[6:11] (lala209) too that
[6:11] (lala209) lol
[6:11] … Joins: fff [~guhsuodut@JesusRocksOnIrc-73865930.turkunet.fi]
[6:11] (PrincessAsh) i need a manicure
[6:12] (Tyz) really? I didn’t see anywhere about this being the teen. .
[6:12] … Quits: buster [~hjhjkwrnn@CF7F66F0.96375653.63055292.IP] (Client exited)
[6:12] (lala209) im worried about my frnds back in stockton you guys i jus hope they dont frget about me
[6:12] … Joins: jroi-user_3590 [~cqkwhfrwd@JesusRocksOnIrc-CE4B18E9.red-217-127-22.staticip.rima-tde.net]
[6:13] … Quits: jroi-user_3590 [~cqkwhfrwd@JesusRocksOnIrc-CE4B18E9.red-217-127-22.staticip.rima-tde.net] (Client exited)
[6:13] `Ruxpin is from Stockton and doubts he will forget lala209
[6:13] (Tyz) man I’m sneezing alot.
[6:13] (lala209) aww lo
[6:13] (lala209) lol
[6:14] (Tyz) in a drought and dust everywhere and my allergies making me feel sick lol
[6:14] (lala209) ruxpin wats ur real name
[6:14] @(`Ruxpin) Garrett Johnson
[6:14] (lala209) oh coo lol im lindsay trujillo
[6:14] @(`Ruxpin) hey lala209, someone from Stockton came in to Sozo just a bit ago
[6:14] (PrincessAsh) you should have said Teddy
[6:14] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud
[6:14] (lala209) really who
[6:14] … Quits: fff [~guhsuodut@JesusRocksOnIrc-73865930.turkunet.fi] (Client exited)
[6:15] @(`Ruxpin) they went by the name of Guest_2291 but I recognized the IP
[6:15] PrincessAsh will be backs shortly
[6:15] (lala209) oh lol coo
[6:15] @(`Ruxpin) it says “dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net”
[6:15] @(`Ruxpin) that’s a stockton, CA IP#
[6:16] (lala209) oh cool did they get off
[6:16] … Quits: Alessia [~ysgqjevie@JesusRocksOnIrc-94D3075.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] (Client exited)
[6:16] @(`Ruxpin) yeah I missed them
[6:16] @(`Ruxpin) I was so sad
[6:16] (lala209) aww thats too bad coulda had someone frm my hometown to talk to
[6:16] @(`Ruxpin) yeah I love to find people from home
[6:16] (CuteCowboy) ashley doesnt want to hug me
[6:16] CuteCowboy cries
[6:16] (lala209) lol
[6:17] (Tyz) brb must go blow my nose. . .oy.
[6:17] @(`Ruxpin) most of the ones from Stockton I know them or know someone they know
[6:17] CuteCowboy thought ashley was his friend
[6:17] (lala209) do u kno ashley trujillo
[6:17] @(`Ruxpin) I know of the name Trujillo
[6:17] (Tyz) oki back soory lol
[6:17] @(`Ruxpin) but don’t know if you’re related to them
[6:18] (lala209) thats my last name who do u kno wit that last name besides me
[6:18] @(`Ruxpin) there was someone at my old church Christian Life Center by that last name
[6:18] … Joins: prayzgod [~nujjruptw@B91F306.6010A741.C7E268.IP]
[6:18] (lala209) was it mark trujillo,or chelsea trujillo
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) since it was at church I refered to them as “Bro” and “sis”
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) mark sounds familiar
[6:19] (lala209) oh ok was it a bro
[6:19] (Tyz) Wells, I gotta get going and rofl.
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) yeah
[6:19] (Tyz) Love yall and God Bless :)
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) but it’s been age
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) ages
[6:19] (lala209) wat was his name
[6:19] @(`Ruxpin) I’m not sure
[6:19] (Tyz) prolly be back on later this evening, ttyl!
[6:19] (lala209) aww man lol
[6:20] … Quits: Tyz [~Tyz@JesusRocksOnIrc-833A9682.networklubbock.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Whether you think you can, or that you can’t. You are right.)
[6:20] (lala209) imma do trivia brb
[6:20] (lala209) lol
[6:20] … Joins: Gods_Light [~Gods_Ligh@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net]
[6:20] @(`Ruxpin) I taught high school, was an associate pastor, my wife was a Head Start teacher and I went to Delta college and CSU Stanislaus
[6:20] @(`Ruxpin) so I met a lot of people there
[6:20] (lala209) nevamind lol
[6:22] (prayzgod) helloooo
[6:22] (prayzgod) :)
[6:22] (prayzgod) i forgot i was here.
[6:23] … Quits: gothjo25 [~qzujqdorx@JesusRocksOnIrc-815E6F83.bb.sky.com] (Client exited)
[6:23] `Ruxpin hands prayzgod some memory pills
[6:23] (prayzgod) hmm, thanks?
[6:23] (prayzgod) :]
[6:23] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) there are not that many good chatrooms for christians are there
[6:24] @(`Ruxpin) ILOVEBIOLOGY, a couple years ago a few good ones closed down suddenly
[6:24] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) why?
[6:24] (prayzgod) i’d like to find one…
[6:24] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) were they being hacked or something
[6:24] @(`Ruxpin) well one I’m not sure why, it was quite successfull
[6:24] @(`Ruxpin) they changed over to video and voice chat and now hardly anyone goes there
[6:25] @(`Ruxpin) one was quite secure, but the admins were too bossy
[6:25] @(`Ruxpin) and one by one people left
[6:26] … Joins: william [~kiqrmgych@JesusRocksOnIrc-56AB45FB.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net]
[6:26] (lala209) yep lol i left others bcuz they took too long to send me a notice to go on it takes 24 hours to get that
[6:26] (william) hi
[6:26] (prayzgod) i used to go to worthy.. but i was blocked because i said crap.. O.o
[6:26] (william) haha
[6:26] (prayzgod) and i stood up for myself. i guess that was the problem.. ;/
[6:26] (william) wow
[6:26] … Quits: william [~kiqrmgych@JesusRocksOnIrc-56AB45FB.dsl.lsan03.sbcglobal.net] (Client exited)
[6:26] (lala209) <3 love you mom lol
[6:27] @(`Ruxpin) never argue with the administration it never turns out well
[6:27] (lala209) lol idk
[6:27] (PrincessAsh) is your mom in here?
[6:27] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) sounds unjust
[6:27] (CuteCowboy) hi ashley
[6:27] (PrincessAsh) hey
[6:27] (lala209) no jus felt like sayn it out on here
[6:27] (CuteCowboy) awww ashley said hi to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D :D ; :D :D
[6:27] (CuteCowboy) :D
[6:27] ... Quits: PrincessAsh [~Anon0225@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | superas.tumblr.com)
[6:27] HeDiedForYouandMe wonders off
[6:27] (Gods_Light) prayzgod I was banned from worthy once also
[6:27] (Gods_Light) anyone in here that knows me though prob won’t find that odd :P
[6:27] (prayzgod) hmm
[6:27] (prayzgod) lol
[6:28] (lala209) lol jus bored
[6:28] … Joins: Anon9794 [~Anon9794@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[6:28] … Nick: Anon9794 is now known as [SuperAsh]
[6:28] (SuperAsh) much better
[6:28] (prayzgod) sooo how is everyone on this blessed day? :]
[6:28] (lala209) i gotta practice dancing in awhile lol
[6:29] (lala209) bad dancin tho lol i bellydanceits not that bad
[6:29] … Parts: SuperAsh [~Anon9794@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[6:29] (lala209) actuallly im pretty gud at it
[6:30] … Joins: heatherrr [~iedkqyejn@JesusRocksOnIrc-35E380F4.lightspeed.jcvlfl.sbcglobal.net]
[6:30] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) anyway
[6:30] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) bye
[6:30] @(`Ruxpin) hi heatherrr
[6:30] (ILOVEBIOLOGY) have a good night or day whereever you people are
[6:30] … Quits: ILOVEBIOLOGY [~dkohqfiyv@62AD588A.3F28B357.1D2E511A.IP] (Client exited)
[6:30] (heatherrr) hey `Ruxpin
[6:30] (prayzgod) god bless.
[6:30] (prayzgod) oh..nvm.
[6:31] … Parts: lala209 [~lyeklqzim@33C56977.6515C1A0.97CE360A.IP]
[6:31] … Quits: Gods_Light [~Gods_Ligh@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Add Us to your favorites and Come Back Later |)
[6:31] (prayzgod) there are.. alot of people here.. and nobody talking. O_o
[6:32] … Quits: Timmy [~tfrolswsn@JesusRocksOnIrc-E40CBF5A.cable.virginmedia.com] (Ping timeout)
[6:32] (heatherrr) hey prayzgod
[6:32] … Joins: jchristo [~kxznfuskj@JesusRocksOnIrc-97A2A4D7.c3-0.atw-ubr5.atw.pa.cable.rcn.com]
[6:32] (prayzgod) hellerr
[6:32] (jchristo) hello
[6:32] (jchristo) :)
[6:33] … Joins: Jesse [~wbdxcfbtv@JesusRocksOnIrc-2CF5CF66.ph.ph.cox.net]
[6:33] … Quits: HeDiedForYouandMe [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | You’re washed by Blood from deep inside you’re not a prisoner of your old life- Washed By Blood- Brian “Head” Welch)
[6:33] … Quits: jchristo [~kxznfuskj@JesusRocksOnIrc-97A2A4D7.c3-0.atw-ubr5.atw.pa.cable.rcn.com] (User has been permanently banned from JesusRocksOnIrc (troll))
[6:33] (prayzgod) :|
[6:33] @(`Ruxpin) I thought about glinning that guy
[6:33] @(`Ruxpin) but he did it to himself
[6:34] (prayzgod) lol..
[6:34] (Jesse) hi
[6:34] (prayzgod) maybe i shouldn’t lol at that…
[6:34] … Quits: Jesse [~wbdxcfbtv@JesusRocksOnIrc-2CF5CF66.ph.ph.cox.net] (Client exited)
[6:34] … Quits: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[6:34] @(`Ruxpin) everyone who has come here with the name of Jesus as their name has only done it to defame christ
[6:35] … Joins: SatansLover666 [~vojiyybjq@JesusRocksOnIrc-D0EA19A7.range81-131.btcentralplus.com]
[6:35] … Parts: SatansLover666 [~vojiyybjq@JesusRocksOnIrc-D0EA19A7.range81-131.btcentralplus.com]
[6:35] … Joins: jroi-user_3778 [~nuyejnbdk@FB82875A.9E33538E.75142F1F.IP]
[6:35] (prayzgod) true.
[6:36] @(`Ruxpin) well he did come back
[6:36] (jroi-user_3778) hi
[6:36] (heatherrr) hi
[6:36] (jroi-user_3778) hows everybody?
[6:37] (prayzgod) i am blessed. :)
[6:37] (heatherrr) im okay
[6:38] (heatherrr) just got off work
[6:38] (jroi-user_3778) good
[6:38] (jroi-user_3778) i.m glad to hear it:)
[6:39] … Joins: bubblygirl17 [~zosipupen@JesusRocksOnIrc-97712F47.dyn.optonline.net]
[6:39] (bubblygirl17) heyy everyone :)
[6:39] (Alek) hi heatherrr :P
[6:39] (heatherrr) hey Alek :D
[6:39] (prayzgod) i made my own red velvet cake shake. :) its purdy good.
[6:40] (heatherrr) yumm
[6:40] (bubblygirl17) can anyone help me with something
[6:40] (heatherrr) like what
[6:41] (bubblygirl17) i have to make a testimony for this vulunteer summer work crew thing and i wanted to know if ,ine was good
[6:42] … Joins: loving [~yvqcmwhmd@JesusRocksOnIrc-B56FB5.bltmmd.east.verizon.net]
[6:43] … Parts: loving [~yvqcmwhmd@JesusRocksOnIrc-B56FB5.bltmmd.east.verizon.net]
[6:43] (prayzgod) oooh, i’d like to share my testimony ha. and ok bubbly. :]
[6:43] … Joins: pressured [~ddqaltrhj@JesusRocksOnIrc-FFC59E05.twcny.res.rr.com]
[6:43] … Joins: jroi-user_9358 [~hlocbtubp@JesusRocksOnIrc-A0FB9E66.twcny.res.rr.com]
[6:44] (jroi-user_9358) hi
[6:44] … Quits: jroi-user_9358 [~hlocbtubp@JesusRocksOnIrc-A0FB9E66.twcny.res.rr.com] (Client exited)
[6:45] … Quits: pressured [~ddqaltrhj@JesusRocksOnIrc-FFC59E05.twcny.res.rr.com] (Client exited)
[6:46] … Joins: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[6:46] (prayzgod) alrightttttt. lol i talk to much for this chat room.
[6:49] (Missy) o.o
[6:50] (CuteCowboy) hi
[6:50] (CuteCowboy) no one is talkni
[6:50] (CuteCowboy) hmmmmmmmm
[6:50] (heatherrr) heyyyy
[6:50] (CuteCowboy) hi other heather
[6:52] (prayzgod) o.o
[6:53] (prayzgod) i want to go to the movies tonight but i can’t find anyone to go withhhh.
[6:53] … Quits: jroi-user_3778 [~nuyejnbdk@FB82875A.9E33538E.75142F1F.IP] (Broken pipe)
[6:53] @(`Ruxpin) I’ll go prayzgod, what are we seeing?
[6:53] (prayzgod) lol
[6:54] (prayzgod) idk, most of the movies that are out right now are things i shouldn’t really watch.
[6:54] (heatherrr) ill go with you :)
[6:54] @(`Ruxpin) my sons are going to a movie today, tim didn’t know which one
[6:55] (prayzgod) i know its a kid movie but i want to see rio lol
[6:55] @(`Ruxpin) Kung Fu Panda 2 looks good
[6:55] (heatherrr) i wanna see cars2
[6:56] (prayzgod) AHH, me too.
[6:56] (prayzgod) its so cute. :)
[6:56] (prayzgod) well, from the looks.
[6:56] … Joins: jennyfanta [~sggtmdotr@JesusRocksOnIrc-221F9DB3.bb.sky.com]
[6:56] … Joins: jroi-user_1494 [~fjurtheyb@JesusRocksOnIrc-DD24DB17.dsl.applwi.sbcglobal.net]
[6:56] (jennyfanta) hello peeps
[6:57] … Quits: jroi-user_1494 [~fjurtheyb@JesusRocksOnIrc-DD24DB17.dsl.applwi.sbcglobal.net] (Client exited)
[6:57] @(`Ruxpin) From the makers of the hit “Ice Age” series comes “Rio,” a comedy adventure about taking a walk on the wild side. Blu is a domesticated Macaw who never learned to fly, living a comfortable life with his owner and best friend Linda in the small town of Moose Lake
[6:57] (heatherrr) hey jennyfanta
[6:57] (jennyfanta) hey heather, hows u?
[6:57] (heatherrr) im good u?
[6:58] (jennyfanta) im good also :)
[6:58] (prayzgod) ;p
[6:59] (jennyfanta) i really think its not wise for me to be in this room becausew ive had a bit to drink
[6:59] (heatherrr) good
[6:59] (heatherrr) haha
[6:59] (heatherrr) so whyd you come here?
[6:59] … Joins: xricardo39x [~nmpaigftv@JesusRocksOnIrc-9FAF5834.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net]
[6:59] (Missy) lol jennyfanta
[6:59] (jennyfanta) i was out with friends and they can handle their drink better than me
[6:59] (Missy) its sooooo hotttttttt
[6:59] (Missy) :[
[6:59] (heatherrr) ohhh
[6:59] (Missy) !weather anaheim,ca
[6:59] (heatherrr) yes it is Missy
[6:59] +(Bible) Location: Anaheim, California, Updated: 3:59 PM PDT on May 28, 2011, Temp: 68.6°F, Wind Chill: N/A°F, Dew Point: 52°F, Humidity: 56%, Pressure: 29.74 in., Conditions: Clear, Wind: 4.0mph from the WSW, Visibility: 10.0 miles
[7:00] +(Bible) Active Advisory: Wind Advisory
[7:00] (Missy) >.>
[7:00] (Missy) ok not outside but in my room it is!
[7:00] (Missy) :[
[7:00] (heatherrr) !weather jacksonville,fl
[7:00] (jennyfanta) i’m in england, its wet and miserable
[7:00] +(Bible) Location: Jacksonville, Florida, Updated: 7:00 PM EDT on May 28, 2011, Temp: 83.3°F, Wind Chill: N/A°F, Dew Point: 72°F, Humidity: 70%, Pressure: 29.92 in., Conditions: Mostly Cloudy, Wind: Calm, Visibility: 10.0 miles
[7:00] (heatherrr) ^hot
[7:01] (xricardo39x) :) hi my name is rick im looking for a good hearted woman to talk to
[7:01] (prayzgod) a bit to drink…
[7:02] (xricardo39x) :) hey hit me up
[7:02] (jennyfanta) i’ve had abit to drink, abit too much
[7:02] (prayzgod) that isn’t right.
[7:02] (jennyfanta) i should stick to coke, its lovely
[7:02] (prayzgod) ill brb..
[7:03] (heatherrr) ok
[7:03] (heatherrr) hb
[7:03] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o/
[7:03] `Ruxpin wonders if he should run to Walmart or not
[7:04] heatherrr hates walmart
[7:04] … Joins: tears4fears [~wijvuhwve@JesusRocksOnIrc-38E2B47A.hsd1.ms.comcast.net]
[7:05] (tears4fears) hello
[7:05] @(`Ruxpin) hi
[7:05] (tears4fears) i musta been disconnected all day
[7:06] (tears4fears) i typed something and it reconnected me
[7:06] (heatherrr) !seen pixelpusher
[7:06] +(Bible) heatherrr, pixelpusher was last seen quitting 4hrs 44mins 38secs ago with the message: Client exited
[7:07] (godscowgirl86) how is everyone tonight?
[7:07] … Quits: jennyfanta [~sggtmdotr@JesusRocksOnIrc-221F9DB3.bb.sky.com] (Client exited)
[7:07] `Ruxpin sings “Shout, shout, let it all out, these are the things I can do without”
[7:07] (tears4fears) pretty good
[7:07] (tears4fears) how are you ruxpin?
[7:08] @(`Ruxpin) so far so good, and you?
[7:08] (tears4fears) good
[7:08] heatherrr has that stupid rebecca black song in my head
[7:08] … Quits: bubblygirl17 [~zosipupen@JesusRocksOnIrc-97712F47.dyn.optonline.net] (Ping timeout)
[7:09] (heatherrr) ^she wasnt as bubbly as i expected
[7:09] @(`Ruxpin) no, she was DRINKING bubbly
[7:09] (heatherrr) that was the drinker?
[7:09] @(`Ruxpin) yup
[7:09] (heatherrr) ohhhh makes more sense now
[7:10] @(`Ruxpin) yeah
[7:10] (Missy) o.O
[7:10] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o/
[7:11] `Ruxpin yawns
[7:11] (prayzgod) pokes ruxpin.
[7:11] `Ruxpin is pokeded
[7:11] (heatherrr) stop that… its contagious
[7:12] (tears4fears) anyone ever studied the mark of the beast?
[7:12] (heatherrr) negative ghostrider
[7:12] (CuteCowboy) !seen ashley
[7:12] +(Bible) CuteCowboy, ashley was last seen leaving #jroi 1wk 1day 23hrs 11mins 48secs ago
[7:13] (CuteCowboy) !seen samantha
[7:13] +(Bible) CuteCowboy, samantha was last seen quitting 19hrs 54mins 36secs ago with the message: Client exited
[7:13] (Missy) im off to partay
[7:13] (Missy) toodles
[7:13] … Quits: Missy [~Youfail@netadmin.jesusrocksonirc.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | bai <3)
[7:13] (prayzgod) =o
[7:13] ... Joins: jennyfanta [~sievbycyl@JesusRocksOnIrc-221F9DB3.bb.sky.com]
[7:13] ... Joins: Gods_Light [~Gods_Ligh@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net]
[7:13] ... Joins: Snackster [~psjfgfnvd@JesusRocksOnIrc-BD7754C5.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net]
[7:13] @(`Ruxpin) Welcome Back godscowgirl86
[7:13] (tears4fears) hey godslight
[7:13] @(`Ruxpin) hi Snackster
[7:13] (Snackster) hello
[7:13] (Gods_Light) hey tears4fears
[7:13] (godscowgirl86) thanks
[7:14] ... Joins: godlovesmeandmybody [~hivcbmwsk@JesusRocksOnIrc-A8B0A5F5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]
[7:14] ... Quits: godlovesmeandmybody [~hivcbmwsk@JesusRocksOnIrc-A8B0A5F5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] (User has been permanently banned from JesusRocksOnIrc (no reason))
[7:14] (heatherrr) wow
[7:14] ... Quits: prayzgod [~nujjruptw@B91F306.6010A741.C7E268.IP] (Client exited)
[7:14] (heatherrr) hey Gods_Light
[7:15] (jennyfanta) why was godloves... banned?
[7:15] (Gods_Light) hey heatherrr
[7:15] (Snackster) hahaha it says no reason
[7:15] (heatherrr) how are you?
[7:15] (Snackster) does anyone here speak hebrew?
[7:15] (Gods_Light) tired
[7:15] (heatherrr) me2
[7:16] heatherrr doesnt
[7:17] … Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[7:17] (CuteCowboy) hi kentuckygal28
[7:17] (Snackster) What is everyone here from the south or midwest?
[7:18] … Quits: Snackster [~psjfgfnvd@JesusRocksOnIrc-BD7754C5.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[7:19] (kentuckygal28) hello everyone
[7:19] (heatherrr) hey
[7:20] (kentuckygal28) wow lots of names but not much talk
[7:21] @(`Ruxpin) true, but they’re good listeners
[7:23] (godscowgirl86) either that or they just have the chat room open and are doing something else
[7:23] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o/ ya think?
[7:24] (kentuckygal28) yes thats true
[7:25] (godscowgirl86) something there usally is more talk then this
[7:25] (kentuckygal28) problem pming someone else or forgot their screen was open
[7:25] … Joins: prayzgod [~nujjruptw@B91F306.6010A741.C7E268.IP]
[7:25] (kentuckygal28) I just ate grilled steak mmmmmmmmmm
[7:25] (godscowgirl86) that sounds good
[7:25] … Quits: xricardo39x [~nmpaigftv@JesusRocksOnIrc-9FAF5834.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[7:26] (kentuckygal28) it was good *licks her lips*
[7:26] heatherrr is hungry
[7:26] (CuteCowboy) save me any kentuckygal28
[7:27] `Ruxpin hands heatherrr two plates of prime ribs!
[7:27] @(`Ruxpin)     
[7:27] @(`Ruxpin) 1st Plate
[7:27] @(`Ruxpin)     
[7:27] @(`Ruxpin) 2nd Plate! YUMMY!!!!!!!
[7:27] (heatherrr) hahaha
[7:27] (heatherrr) how sweet `Ruxpin
[7:29] … Quits: jennyfanta [~sievbycyl@JesusRocksOnIrc-221F9DB3.bb.sky.com] (Client exited)
[7:29] … Joins: ksa_83 [~jyeedoomk@JesusRocksOnIrc-B7B58A2E.th.shawcable.net]
[7:29] … Joins: level4gal [~ikbrbvbqc@JesusRocksOnIrc-C340267A.lsanca.fios.verizon.net]
[7:30] @(`Ruxpin) hi ksa_83
[7:30] @(`Ruxpin) hi level4gal
[7:30] (ksa_83) hi
[7:30] (level4gal) hi
[7:30] @(`Ruxpin) level 4 of what level4gal?
[7:30] (level4gal) level 4 Christian. Series we studied last summer
[7:30] @(`Ruxpin) oh
[7:31] (CuteCowboy) they have levels of being a christian
[7:31] (CuteCowboy) ?
[7:31] @(`Ruxpin) aparently so
[7:31] @(`Ruxpin) how many levels do they have?
[7:32] (level4gal) LOL- just encouraging the congregation to be more Christ-like and not your ordinary person that just says they are Christian
[7:32] heatherrr is still a level 1
[7:33] (level4gal) Level one- Questions wether or not God is real
[7:33] (prayzgod) oh, hia.
[7:33] @(`Ruxpin) let’s hope there are not 100 levels
[7:33] (level4gal) nope- just 4
[7:33] heatherrr is not a level one
[7:34] (heatherrr) and what was ‘level 2′?
[7:34] (kentuckygal28) hmmm….wonder what I would be considered
[7:34] (level4gal) ok- so what else do you guys talk about?
[7:34] (Gods_Light) heatherrr. I am level 2
[7:34] (heatherrr) what is level 2?
[7:34] @(`Ruxpin) food, but you missed that already
[7:34] CuteCowboy is level 0
[7:34] … Quits: ksa_83 [~jyeedoomk@JesusRocksOnIrc-B7B58A2E.th.shawcable.net] (Client exited)
[7:34] (level4gal) Level 2 is taking the step and accepting Jesus
[7:34] (CuteCowboy) i dont think its right to rate christians
[7:35] (heatherrr) we talk about food alot in here
[7:35] (CuteCowboy) it encourages arrogance
[7:35] (CuteCowboy) self-rightouesness
[7:35] … Joins: j123 [~ovjsiqsch@5B5C4646.8C5CE506.6A9BDDB9.IP]
[7:35] (CuteCowboy) but thats just me
[7:35] @(`Ruxpin) hi j123
[7:35] Gods_Light yawns
[7:35] (Gods_Light) I am 9000
[7:35] … Joins: SuperAsh [~Anon9794@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[7:35] @(`Ruxpin) hi SuperAsh
[7:35] heatherrr would be considered a level 2 then
[7:35] (SuperAsh) Bonjour
[7:36] (level4gal) oh- I like food
[7:36] (CuteCowboy) ash!!!!!!!!
[7:36] (CuteCowboy) ASH!
[7:36] (SuperAsh) hi
[7:36] (heatherrr) me2
[7:36] (CuteCowboy) ASHLEY!
[7:36] (heatherrr) <--fatty
[7:36] `Ruxpin hands level4gal two plates of prime ribs!
[7:36] (heatherrr) lol
[7:36] @(`Ruxpin)     
[7:36] @(`Ruxpin) 1st Plate
[7:36] @(`Ruxpin)     
[7:36] @(`Ruxpin) 2nd Plate! YUMMY!!!!!!!
[7:36] (SuperAsh) whats goin on tonight?
[7:37] … Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Ping timeout)
[7:37] … Joins: Micaiah [~rvgwthowc@JesusRocksOnIrc-6FAB4664.cq.shawcable.net]
[7:37] … Quits: j123 [~ovjsiqsch@5B5C4646.8C5CE506.6A9BDDB9.IP] (Client exited)
[7:37] … Quits: level4gal [~ikbrbvbqc@JesusRocksOnIrc-C340267A.lsanca.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[7:37] (Micaiah) Hi
[7:37] (prayzgod) anyone from va? :)
[7:37] (SuperAsh) hi
[7:38] (Micaiah) Good to have you here, Prayz
[7:38] (Micaiah) What part of VA?
[7:38] … Nick: CuteCowboy is now known as [level10christian]
[7:38] heatherrr is not from VA
[7:38] (level10christian) lol
[7:38] … Nick: heatherrr is now known as [level11]
[7:38] (Micaiah) Hi, Heatherrrrrrrrrrr
[7:38] … Nick: level10christian is now known as [SuperCowboy]
[7:38] (level11) heyyy Micaiahhhhhhhhhh
[7:39] … Quits: SuperAsh [~Anon9794@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Add Us to your favorites and Come Back Later |)
[7:39] … Nick: level11 is now known as [heatherrr]
[7:39] (heatherrr) how are you Micaiah ?
[7:39] … Nick: SuperCowboy is now known as [CuteCowboy]
[7:39] (Micaiah) Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, doing well! How are you, Miss?
[7:39] (heatherrr) i liked super better ;)
[7:39] … Joins: lover [~xxhixtmvt@JesusRocksOnIrc-B56FB5.bltmmd.east.verizon.net]
[7:39] (heatherrr) i am pretty good.
[7:39] (Micaiah) Welcome, lover.
[7:39] (heatherrr) avoiding my hw
[7:39] (Micaiah) Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, do your homework.
[7:40] (heatherrr) NO
[7:40] (heatherrr) you cant make me ;)
[7:40] (Micaiah) Do I havce to ground you?
[7:40] (heatherrr) haha
[7:41] … Quits: lover [~xxhixtmvt@JesusRocksOnIrc-B56FB5.bltmmd.east.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[7:41] … Quits: godscowgirl86 [~cjfgcjmof@JesusRocksOnIrc-B9D1C918.hlrn.qwest.net] (Client exited)
[7:41] (heatherrr) ill get it done by the due date
[7:41] (Micaiah) You can stay up only so late.
[7:41] (Micaiah) … the night before
[7:42] … Joins: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
[7:42] (Micaiah) Welcome, heather.
[7:42] (heatherrr) hey Heather
[7:42] (Heather) thanks :)
[7:42] (Heather) Hi heatherrr\
[7:42] (Micaiah) Heather, d’you have your homework done?
[7:42] (Heather) heatherrr*
[7:42] … Joins: Deda5 [~lujtlvsbr@JesusRocksOnIrc-7DE8A092.cpe.netcabo.pt]
[7:42] (heatherrr) me? nope
[7:42] (Micaiah) Welcome, Deda.
[7:43] (Deda5) hi micaiah :)
[7:43] (Micaiah) How is BR, Deda?
[7:43] (Gods_Light) i dont feel so good charlie
[7:43] (Deda5) br?
[7:43] … Joins: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP]
[7:43] (Heather) charlie?
[7:43] (Micaiah) Brazil
[7:43] (Gods_Light) Hello
[7:43] (Micaiah) Welcome, Jog.
[7:43] (Deda5) I’m not from Brazil
[7:44] (Deda5) I’m from Portugal :p
[7:44] (Heather) lol
[7:44] (Micaiah) You have a Brazilian accent.
[7:44] (Heather) grr brb
[7:44] (Micaiah) ahhh. similar ;)
[7:44] … Quits: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | <3)
[7:44] (Deda5) ahah I don't
[7:44] (Micaiah) (The way you type your, "B"s)
[7:44] (prayzgod) i'm in bristol..
[7:44] (prayzgod) i'm not good at keeping up with chats lol.
[7:45] (prayzgod) still trying to find someone to go to the movies with lol.. kinda sad.
[7:45] (Micaiah) Doing fine, Prayz.
[7:45] (heatherrr) i told you id go prayzgod
[7:45] (prayzgod) awh. ;]
[7:45] (Deda5) type normal xD
[7:48] ... Nick: Micaiah is now known as [Micaiah-pc]
[7:52] (prayzgod) o.o
[7:52] ... Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[7:53] ... Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[7:53] ... Joins: ILoveSatan [~okeyrhfdu@JesusRocksOnIrc-4893166B.hsd1.tn.comcast.net]
[7:53] ... Parts: ILoveSatan [~okeyrhfdu@JesusRocksOnIrc-4893166B.hsd1.tn.comcast.net]
[7:53] ... Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[7:54] (prayzgod) i don't think i'm meant to go tonight..
[7:56] ... Joins: pw798 [~kidrncwyr@JesusRocksOnIrc-905B50D2.clf.pa.atlanticbb.net]
[7:56] (Gods_Light) hello pw798
[7:56] ... Joins: Violet [~eddehavoy@JesusRocksOnIrc-63F0DD4C.asm.bellsouth.net]
[7:56] (pw798) Hi
[7:56] ... Quits: Violet [~eddehavoy@JesusRocksOnIrc-63F0DD4C.asm.bellsouth.net] (Client exited)
[7:56] (Gods_Light) hello Violet
[7:56] (Gods_Light) goodbye Violet
[7:56] (heatherrr) hey pw798
[7:56] (pw798) Hi!
[7:57] (heatherrr) how r u
[7:57] heatherrr pokes Gods_Light
[7:57] (Gods_Light) heyyyy why poke?
[7:57] … Joins: Violet [~eddehavoy@JesusRocksOnIrc-63F0DD4C.asm.bellsouth.net]
[7:57] (pw798) good thank you.
[7:57] (heatherrr) i was bored
[7:57] (heatherrr) and you looked poke-able
[7:57] (pw798) first time here. wanted to check it out
[7:58] (Gods_Light) I am very poke able :P
[7:58] (heatherrr) you shouldnt have told me that ;)
[7:58] (Gods_Light) yeah? how come?
[7:58] `Ruxpin poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke pokes Gods_Light
[7:58] Gods_Light dies from poking
[7:59] (heatherrr) i was kinda gonna do that ^
[7:59] @(`Ruxpin) yeah? well I did do it
[7:59] (heatherrr) but im better at sneak attacks
[7:59] heatherrr revives Gods_Light
[7:59] @(`Ruxpin) I’m better at snack attacks
[8:00] (Gods_Light) thanks heatherrr. CPR?
[8:00] (heatherrr) yep..
[8:00] … Quits: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[8:00] … Quits: Violet [~eddehavoy@JesusRocksOnIrc-63F0DD4C.asm.bellsouth.net] (Client exited)
[8:00] (Gods_Light) yay i finally kissed a girl!
[8:00] (Gods_Light) lol jk
[8:00] (heatherrr) lol
[8:01] (Gods_Light) i need like a pair of slippers
[8:01] (heatherrr) lol y
[8:01] (Gods_Light) my feet are always freezing in my room. but if I turn the heater on it like melts them
[8:02] (heatherrr) socks!
[8:02] (Gods_Light) pshhhhh
[8:02] (Gods_Light) that might work.
[8:02] (Gods_Light) brb
[8:03] rockwall^away sits
[8:03] … Nick: rockwall^away is now known as [rockwall]
[8:04] (heatherrr) hey rockwall
[8:04] (rockwall) hey heatherrr
[8:04] rockwall is tired
[8:04] (Gods_Light) okay. SOCKS ON
[8:04] … Joins: Anon3031 [~Anon3031@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[8:04] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o/ hmmmmmm socks
[8:04] heatherrr gives good advice once in a while
[8:05] … Nick: Anon3031 is now known as [Starlet]
[8:05] (rockwall) brb dogs need out
[8:05] (heatherrr) ok
[8:05] (Starlet) hey
[8:05] (heatherrr) hi
[8:06] (Starlet) how’s everyone?
[8:06] heatherrr is eating piza
[8:06] (heatherrr) good
[8:07] (Gods_Light) oh i am gonna have pizza for dinner! :D
[8:08] (heatherrr) lol
[8:08] … Joins: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[8:08] (heatherrr) i have pizza hut
[8:08] (Gods_Light) ….I envy you.
[8:08] (Gods_Light) pizza hut is MY FAVORITE
[8:08] … Quits: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[8:08] … Joins: heismyhealer [~tscfyqtwi@JesusRocksOnIrc-F1730928.phlapa.fios.verizon.net]
[8:08] (heatherrr) :D
[8:08] (heatherrr) mine too!
[8:08] (heismyhealer) hello
[8:08] (heatherrr) hi
[8:08] (heismyhealer) how are you?
[8:08] (Gods_Light) the nearest pizza hut is 35 miles from my house unfortunately
[8:09] (heatherrr) im good u?
[8:09] (heatherrr) omgn
[8:09] (heatherrr) like 5 miles for me
[8:09] (heismyhealer) I am doing good
[8:09] (Starlet) you could make your own pizza
[8:09] (pw798) 2 miles
[8:09] (heatherrr) where are you from Gods_Light ?
[8:10] (heatherrr) ill be your delivery girl.
[8:10] (Gods_Light) Idaho
[8:10] (heismyhealer) Make your own pizza is awesome
[8:10] (Gods_Light) Northern Idaho
[8:10] (heatherrr) hah
[8:10] (Gods_Light) in the mountains
[8:10] (heatherrr) would be a long drive
[8:11] (Gods_Light) long drive for MOST people I talk to in the chat
[8:11] … Joins: Lady_Ema [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net]
[8:11] @(JROI) [Lady_Ema] “Sometimes all you need is a little more cheese in your life.”
[8:11] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+ao Lady_Ema Lady_Ema]
[8:11] (Gods_Light) however, I am immune to almost every single natural disaster. where i live…
[8:11] @(Lady_Ema) !deop
[8:11] (heismyhealer) where are you from heatherr
[8:11] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [-o Lady_Ema]
[8:11] (Starlet) LADY
[8:11] (Lady_Ema) hi
[8:11] (Lady_Ema) brb :P
[8:11] (heismyhealer) Hi Lady ema
[8:12] (pw798) bye all
[8:12] (heatherrr) Florida
[8:12] (heismyhealer) by pw
[8:12] … Quits: pw798 [~kidrncwyr@JesusRocksOnIrc-905B50D2.clf.pa.atlanticbb.net] (Client exited)
[8:12] (heismyhealer) That would be a long drive
[8:12] … Nick: Micaiah-pc is now known as [Micaiah]
[8:13] (heatherrr) yeahh
[8:13] … Joins: jroi-user_9946 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[8:13] … Quits: jroi-user_9946 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[8:15] (prayzgod) idk why i’m still here… nobody is talking.
[8:15] … Quits: prayzgod [~nujjruptw@B91F306.6010A741.C7E268.IP] (Client exited)
[8:16] (heismyhealer) hello?
[8:16] (Micaiah) Hey
[8:16] … Joins: jroi-user_3548 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[8:16] … Quits: jroi-user_3548 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[8:17] (Starlet) hmmm
[8:17] … Quits: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP] (Client exited)
[8:17] (heatherrr) !topic
[8:17] … Quits: Lady_Ema [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Lady_Ema)
[8:17] (heatherrr) arggg
[8:17] (heatherrr) color
[8:17] (Starlet) !topic
[8:17] (j-bot) [ Topic Number #76 ]
[8:17] (j-bot) 1.: What are your parents like?
[8:17] (heatherrr) ty
[8:17] (heatherrr) jerks
[8:18] (heatherrr) ^my parents i mean
[8:18] (Starlet) i love my parents. they’re great.
[8:18] @(`Ruxpin) dead
[8:18] (heatherrr) :|
[8:19] (Starlet) too many people i know i have one or both or their parents in the last year… i’ve learned not to take mine for granted.
[8:20] (Micaiah) I’m off.
[8:20] (Micaiah) God bless, all.
[8:20] … Quits: Micaiah [~rvgwthowc@JesusRocksOnIrc-6FAB4664.cq.shawcable.net] (Client exited)
[8:21] (heismyhealer) sorry Im back
[8:21] @(`Ruxpin) well no one made you
[8:22] @(`Ruxpin) so why be sorry you’re back?
[8:22] (Starlet) hahaha
[8:22] (Starlet) i was wondering the same thing… should we be sorry too?
[8:22] @(`Ruxpin) if they begin to whine I’ll be sorry
[8:22] (Starlet) was just thinking the same thing RUX
[8:23] (heismyhealer) LOL
[8:23] (Starlet) is the cowboy here?
[8:23] … Joins: jroi-user_1756 [~ftwnjsren@JesusRocksOnIrc-3AB90DB.dhcp.embarqhsd.net]
[8:23] (rockwall) back
[8:23] … Nick: jroi-user_1756 is now known as [LeoneXIII]
[8:23] … Joins: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net]
[8:23] (heismyhealer) I left and didn’t say goodbye so Im sorry
[8:23] @(`Ruxpin) Welcome Back rockwall
[8:23] (rockwall) Thane^Away, don’t be a jerk face :P
[8:23] (rockwall) thanx
[8:24] (Thane^Away) welcome back :P
[8:24] … Joins: jroi-user_4545 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[8:24] (Starlet) hey Thane
[8:24] (rockwall) thanx :P
[8:24] … Quits: jroi-user_4545 [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP] (Client exited)
[8:24] @(`Ruxpin) rockwall, where is Kay?
[8:24] @(`Ruxpin) !seen kay
[8:24] @(JROI) kay was last seen here 4 hours, 7 minutes ago.
[8:24] +(Bible) `Ruxpin, kay was last seen quitting 1wk 4days 1hr 11mins 10secs ago with the message: Client exited
[8:24] @(`Ruxpin) ACK!!!!
[8:24] (rockwall) !seen katlin
[8:24] @(JROI) I don’t know who katlin is.
[8:24] +(Bible) rockwall, katlin was not found in the !seen database
[8:25] (heatherrr) lol
[8:25] (rockwall) er
[8:25] @(`Ruxpin) 4 hours 7 minutes but hasn’t been in the room?
[8:25] @(`Ruxpin) hmmm
[8:25] (rockwall) hmm… idk
[8:25] @(`Ruxpin) !seen kaitlin
[8:25] @(JROI) I don’t know who kaitlin is.
[8:25] +(Bible) `Ruxpin, kaitlin was not found in the !seen database
[8:25] … Quits: Gods_Light [~Gods_Ligh@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net] (Ping timeout)
[8:25] @(`Ruxpin) !seen wasabi
[8:25] @(JROI) I don’t know who wasabi is.
[8:25] @(`Ruxpin) I’m a bot abuser
[8:26] (rockwall) lol
[8:26] (rockwall) !seen lady_emma
[8:26] @(JROI) I don’t know who lady_emma is.
[8:26] +(Bible) rockwall, lady_emma was not found in the !seen database
[8:26] (rockwall) er
[8:26] (rockwall) I fail
[8:26] (rockwall) lol
[8:26] (rockwall) !seen lady_ema
[8:26] @(JROI) lady_ema was last seen here 9 minutes ago.
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) oh
[8:27] (rockwall) she changed her nick
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) yeah
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) lady ema
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) ema
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) got it
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) what name is cameron going by now days?
[8:27] … Joins: Beautiful [~chievvmfy@JesusRocksOnIrc-D8172A9E.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca]
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) Welcome Back Beautiful
[8:27] … Joins: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
[8:27] (heismyhealer) so what’s everyone up to tonight?
[8:27] @(`Ruxpin) hi Heather
[8:27] (Heather) hi rux
[8:28] rockwall is noming on spaggetti
[8:28] … Joins: Gods_Light [~Gods_Ligh@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net]
[8:28] (rockwall) wb Gods_Light
[8:28] (rockwall) Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[8:28] (rockwall) hi Beautiful
[8:28] (Heather) rockwall!
[8:28] (Gods_Light) power surge.
[8:28] (Beautiful) Hi all
[8:28] (Heather) 0.0
[8:28] (Heather) !idle Alek
[8:28] rockwall hugs Heather
[8:28] +(Bible) Heather, Alek has been idle for 1hr 49mins 20secs
[8:28] heatherrr is attempting to do homework
[8:28] Heather hugges rockwall
[8:28] (Heather) huggles*
[8:29] (rockwall) lol heatherrr, I was doing that earlyer, I actually kinda finished
[8:29] (rockwall) lol
[8:29] (rockwall) well, finished one thing
[8:29] (Heather) sooo
[8:29] … Quits: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[8:29] (Heather) …
[8:30] (heatherrr) lol i gave up last night and i cant put it off anymore
[8:30] (heatherrr) lol
[8:30] (heatherrr) ill be back later
[8:30] (heatherrr) :)
[8:30] (Heather) k
[8:30] (Heather) have fun
[8:30] (Heather) :)
[8:31] (Heather) !seen Steelguard
[8:31] +(Bible) Heather, Steelguard was last seen quitting 4hrs 45mins 49secs ago with the message: | www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Steelguard
[8:31] … Quits: heatherrr [~iedkqyejn@JesusRocksOnIrc-35E380F4.lightspeed.jcvlfl.sbcglobal.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | homework… grr)
[8:31] … Joins: wleroyc [~lvtlxupuf@JesusRocksOnIrc-843B56E7.dsl.hrlntx.sbcglobal.net]
[8:31] (wleroyc) Hello
[8:32] (Heather) hi :)
[8:32] (rockwall) hi wleroyc
[8:32] (wleroyc) How are you today
[8:32] (Gods_Light) hello wleroyc
[8:32] rockwall is great and tired :D
[8:32] (rockwall) you?
[8:32] (wleroyc) Pretty good. Only a little sore throat and coughing
[8:33] … Joins: write2witness [write2witn@JesusRocksOnIrc-D2FCEC5D.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com]
[8:33] (rockwall) hey write2witness
[8:33] (LeoneXIII) !seen SuperAsh
[8:33] +(Bible) LeoneXIII, SuperAsh was last seen quitting 54mins 8secs ago with the message: | www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Add Us to your favorites and Come Back Later |
[8:33] (write2witness) hi rock
[8:33] (wleroyc) Hello Gods light
[8:33] rockwall gives wleroyc a cough drop
[8:33] (Heather) !seen alex
[8:33] +(Bible) Heather, alex was last seen quitting 2days 10hrs 30mins 55secs ago with the message: | www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Leaving.
[8:33] (wleroyc) Thanks rockwall
[8:33] (write2witness) hi Rux
[8:33] (rockwall) Heather!
[8:33] (rockwall) yvw
[8:33] (Heather) yes? 0.0
[8:33] @(`Ruxpin) hi write2witness
[8:33] (rockwall) how was your day?
[8:34] (write2witness) mine?
[8:34] (rockwall) Heather’s, and yours too :P
[8:34] (Heather) I just got in from shopping…
[8:34] (write2witness) it was an adventure
[8:34] (Heather) all day in the store, and I walk out with one outfit >.<
[8:34] (rockwall) LOL Heather
[8:34] (rockwall) and whys that write2witness?
[8:34] (Heather) haha but really cute! AND I didn't have to get shoes! I have a pair that will look so cute!
[8:35] (Heather) although I wish I needed new shoes >.<
[8:35] (rockwall) oooooo, I wana see
[8:35] (wleroyc) Catch you all later. God bless
[8:35] (Heather) and that was my day
[8:35] (Heather) bye :)
[8:35] (rockwall) God Bless
[8:35] (rockwall) take care wleroyc
[8:35] (write2witness) well on the way home i passed this group of people a couple houses down and these two ladies were grinning at me so i said, "Ladie...." and kept going
[8:35] (wleroyc) thanks
[8:35] ... Quits: wleroyc [~lvtlxupuf@JesusRocksOnIrc-843B56E7.dsl.hrlntx.sbcglobal.net] (Client exited)
[8:35] (write2witness) *Ladies
[8:35] (rockwall) hmmmmm, grinning?
[8:35] (write2witness) ayah
[8:35] (Gods_Light) I am freezing
[8:35] (Gods_Light) but afraid to plug my heater back in
[8:36] (Beautiful) i had to...
[8:36] (rockwall) gah, stupid facebook
[8:36] (rockwall) brb
[8:36] (Heather) lol
[8:36] ... Quits: heismyhealer [~tscfyqtwi@JesusRocksOnIrc-F1730928.phlapa.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[8:36] (Starlet) haha
[8:36] (write2witness) well all the guys thought I meant they were ladies too i guess
[8:36] (write2witness) so they came to my door
[8:37] (Alek) Heather <3 :P
[8:37] (write2witness) they said "did you call us ladies?
[8:37] (Heather) lol about time!
[8:37] (write2witness) i said no, i meant the two lovely ladies there. this didnt go over very well either, lol
[8:37] (write2witness) anyway
[8:37] (Alek) how iz u? :P
[8:38] (rockwall) LOL write2witness
[8:38] (Heather) tired -.- but great! got a new outfit! so cute skirt and a top. you?
[8:38] ... Quits: tears4fears [~wijvuhwve@JesusRocksOnIrc-38E2B47A.hsd1.ms.comcast.net] (Client exited)
[8:38] (write2witness) im a lot bigger than any of them so i only had to look intimidating and they went away
[8:38] (rockwall) hahahahahahaha
[8:38] (Alek) well
[8:38] (rockwall) are you really tough though?
[8:38] ... Joins: Inrepertus [~Geremino@JesusRocksOnIrc-6458606.bb.online.no]
[8:38] (rockwall) tough*
[8:38] (Alek) I didn't get a cute skirt and top
[8:38] (Alek) however
[8:38] (rockwall) hey Inrepertus
[8:38] (Heather) LOL
[8:38] (write2witness) i can be, if its acalled for
[8:38] (Alek) I just ate some good noodels :P
[8:39] (Heather) aww sad day
[8:39] ... Parts: LeoneXIII [~ftwnjsren@JesusRocksOnIrc-3AB90DB.dhcp.embarqhsd.net]
[8:39] (Heather) I had KFC
[8:39] (Heather) I'm fat! it's official
[8:39] (write2witness) lol
[8:39] (rockwall) LOL
[8:39] (Alek) :P
[8:39] (Alek) no you're not
[8:39] (rockwall) at heart or for real? :P
[8:39] (Heather) at heart :P
[8:39] (Starlet) are you really fat or just calling yourself that to make everyone else say 'no you're not'
[8:39] (rockwall) ah ok, so am I
[8:40] (Alek) <.<
[8:40] ... Joins: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net]
[8:40] (write2witness) so the ladies said hey why dont you come with us to the party, and i said no, thank you, and now im here
[8:40] (write2witness) brb
[8:40] (rockwall) hi Bible
[8:40] (Heather) LOL I can't help it.. I love food
[8:40] (rockwall) hahaha write2witness, interesting day :P
[8:40] (rockwall) lol Heather, same
[8:40] (Alek) the ladies? <.<
[8:41] (write2witness) it usually is rock
[8:41] (Starlet) but there's a difference.. it makes actual fat people feel like total crap when a skinny person calls themselves fat
[8:41] (Heather) >.<
[8:41] (rockwall) .....
[8:41] (Heather) are you fat?
[8:41] (Starlet) i prefer curvy
[8:41] (rockwall) mine was interesting too, but in a dif way lol
[8:41] (Alek) lol
[8:42] (Blind) Curves are always good
[8:42] (Heather) lol then I'm sorry... and I am not that "skinny," so it's all good
[8:42] (Blind) If it wasn't for curves, it'd be like playing minecraft all the time...
[8:42] Alek agrees with Blind <.<
[8:42] (write2witness) beauty is in the eye of the behonlder, Heather
[8:42] (write2witness) beholder even
[8:42] (Heather) lol that it is
[8:42] (rockwall) moo
[8:42] (rockwall) :P
[8:42] (Blind) And seriously, I know the game's addicting, but who'd want to be ALWAYS playing it?
[8:42] (rockwall) LOL
[8:43] (Starlet) yes, curves are good. im just saying, as someone who has more to love, a person who doesn't have more to love shouldn't be calling themselves so
[8:43] (Heather) 0.0
[8:43] (Blind) People need to be honest with others an themselves
[8:43] (write2witness) Heather, just tell them, I'm not fat. I'm just undertall
[8:43] (Heather) LOL
[8:44] ... Quits: Beautiful [~chievvmfy@JesusRocksOnIrc-D8172A9E.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] (Client exited)
[8:44] ... Quits: Starlet [~Anon3031@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Add Us to your favorites and Come Back Later |)
[8:44] (Alek) hedder
[8:45] (Alek) u hafta watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MkkdYVAKJQ
[8:45] (Blind) If it's Rick Astley ban him.
[8:45] (Heather) LOL
[8:45] (Alek) I get banned daily <.<
[8:45] (write2witness) hehe
[8:46] (Heather) that he does
[8:46] (rockwall) lol
[8:46] rockwall bans Alek for being Alek
[8:46] (rockwall) :P
[8:46] (rockwall) brb
[8:46] (Heather) Already watched it :)
[8:46] (Alek) :P
[8:46] (Alek) i LOVE that song!
[8:46] (Alek) itz so catchy :P
[8:46] (Heather) I know
[8:47] (Alek) all right
[8:47] … Joins: Anon2108 [~Anon2108@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[8:47] (Alek) so you’re smary
[8:47] (Alek) smart*
[8:47] … Nick: Anon2108 is now known as [SuperAsh]
[8:47] (Alek) rub it in :P
[8:47] … Quits: Deda5 [~lujtlvsbr@JesusRocksOnIrc-7DE8A092.cpe.netcabo.pt] (Client exited)
[8:47] (SuperAsh) bonjour mes amis
[8:47] (Heather) haha who are you talking too?
[8:48] (SuperAsh) ?
[8:48] (Heather) Alek, who?
[8:48] (SuperAsh) probably me, Alek knows that i am always right
[8:48] (SuperAsh) even though i just got here
[8:49] (Alek) u hedderz
[8:49] (Heather) lol
[8:49] (Heather) ooh
[8:49] (Heather) lol
[8:49] (Alek) !seen Alex
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[8:49] (Alek) =[
[8:49] (Heather) lol awww
[8:49] (Blind) I believe I’ve found a song that trumps the above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipzR9bhei_o&feature=relmfu
[8:49] (SuperAsh) !seen Lady_Ema
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[8:49] … Joins: Rawrr [~ocmspylui@1468B2.6462A4B3.697477B5.IP]
[8:50] … Joins: james [~hjdqijytp@D866847D.DE32F12D.BA4BDBEA.IP]
[8:50] … Quits: Rawrr [~ocmspylui@1468B2.6462A4B3.697477B5.IP] (Client exited)
[8:50] (Heather) brb
[8:50] … Quits: james [~hjdqijytp@D866847D.DE32F12D.BA4BDBEA.IP] (Broken pipe)
[8:50] … Quits: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net] (Broken pipe)
[8:50] … Joins: LeoneXIII [~ftwnjsren@JesusRocksOnIrc-3AB90DB.dhcp.embarqhsd.net]
[8:51] … Joins: prncssngrs [~gexwrodtf@76E0905F.3A840D7D.B0299A46.IP]
[8:51] (prncssngrs) sup
[8:51] (Blind) Half
[8:51] (SuperAsh) you mean super?
[8:51] (Blind) That is what is up
[8:51] (SuperAsh) cuz thats me :)
[8:51] (prncssngrs) Do any of you guys like cp?
[8:51] (SuperAsh) cp?
[8:51] (LeoneXIII) hey SuperAsh
[8:51] (prncssngrs) Yeah
[8:51] (SuperAsh) hey LeoneXIII
[8:51] … Joins: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
[8:51] (SuperAsh) and cp is?
[8:52] (LeoneXIII) mind if i PM?
[8:52] (prncssngrs) Club Penguin
[8:52] (SuperAsh) sure
[8:52] (SuperAsh) isn’t that a wine?
[8:52] … Joins: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP]
[8:52] (Blind) Is that a nightclub for batman villains?
[8:52] (prncssngrs) I guess
[8:52] (SuperAsh) haha
[8:52] … Joins: JC [~rtmkpufjo@JesusRocksOnIrc-156C1C86.hsd1.co.comcast.net]
[8:52] (prncssngrs) What do you guys think about mormons?
[8:52] (JC) hi
[8:52] (SuperAsh) my aunt married one… but i never met him
[8:53] (LeoneXIII) mormons are okay i guess…i’m not much on Mormonism though
[8:53] (prncssngrs) Yeah more like morons
[8:53] (LeoneXIII) watch it
[8:53] (LeoneXIII) they’re still people
[8:53] (SuperAsh) haha
[8:53] (Blind) I’m not sure it’s healthy to insult others…
[8:53] (LeoneXIII) you shouldn’t insult people, regardless of their beliefs
[8:53] … Quits: JC [~rtmkpufjo@JesusRocksOnIrc-156C1C86.hsd1.co.comcast.net] (Client exited)
[8:53] (prncssngrs) I’m watching it
[8:53] SuperAsh facepalms
[8:53] (Blind) Especially for being lost…
[8:53] … Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[8:53] (prncssngrs) but nothing interesting is happening
[8:53] (SuperAsh) this is going to go to well im sure
[8:54] (Blind) You’re watching what?
[8:54] (prncssngrs) it
[8:54] (Blind) Oh I see
[8:54] (LeoneXIII) …
[8:54] (Blind) The space-time rip
[8:54] (SuperAsh) im watching transformers, but it’s allmost over
[8:54] (Blind) Don’t worry I’ve got it covered
[8:54] (LeoneXIII) hoorah for being literal with metaphors
[8:54] (LeoneXIII) sooooo funny…
[8:54] (prncssngrs) If you watch star wars backwards there’s still credits at the end
[8:55] (Blind) You’re just full of little quips aren’t you
[8:55] Heather misses her partner in crime
[8:55] (prncssngrs) quips?
[8:55] … Quits: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP] (Ping timeout)
[8:55] (Blind) quip   [kwip] Show IPA noun, verb, quipped, quip·ping.–noun1.a clever or witty remark or comment.2.a sharp, sarcastic remark; a cutting jest.3.a quibble.
[8:55] … Joins: Nikicole17 [~pxbnncrvr@JesusRocksOnIrc-68DF9528.dsl.bell.ca]
[8:55] … Joins: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP]
[8:55] (Blind) quibble
[8:55] (prncssngrs) up
[8:56] (Blind) down?
[8:56] … Quits: prncssngrs [~gexwrodtf@76E0905F.3A840D7D.B0299A46.IP] (Client exited)
[8:56] (SuperAsh) left
[8:56] (Heather) right!
[8:56] (Blind) forward in time, if you believe in that sort of thing
[8:56] (Blind) Who here believes that time is a dimension?!
[8:56] (Nikicole17) Hello Everyone! :D
[8:56] (LeoneXIII) why wouldn’t it be?
[8:56] (LeoneXIII) hi Nikicole17
[8:57] (Blind) Because, although it can be measured, it would be very implausible to imagine the entire universe moving through it
[8:57] (LeoneXIII) hmmm
[8:57] … Joins: BeautifulBlue [~chievvmfy@JesusRocksOnIrc-D8172A9E.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca]
[8:57] (LeoneXIII) i need to read Augustine’s Confessions…he has a whole chapter on time
[8:58] (Blind) And, even IF there was another dimension THROUGH which the universe was travelling, it would not, then, convey the same idea as TIME
[8:58] (SuperAsh) it’s almost 10pm here
[8:58] (LeoneXIII) hmm is it even plausible to think of the universe traveling through a dimension though?
[8:58] (jogilove) it rains in Haiti
[8:58] (Blind) It could be.
[8:58] (Nikicole17) And how are ya’ll today? :)
[8:58] (LeoneXIII) depends on what definition of dimension you’re using is
[8:58] (Heather) bbiab -.-
[8:58] (LeoneXIII) besides, we can’t talk of time apart from space, since it’s relative
[8:58] (LeoneXIII) it’s a measure of change
[8:58] (Blind) Why not?
[8:59] (write2witness) sometimes late at night, when i’m sitting here in the dark, the blue glow of my minitor looks like a hole into another world
[8:59] (Blind) Why can time not be apart from space?
[8:59] … Nick: rockwall is now known as [rockwall-ish]
[8:59] … Quits: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | miss you too much! hahaha!!! PLEASE! <3)
[8:59] (Blind) Time is its own measurement.
[8:59] (Nikicole17) Any Canadians here? :D
[8:59] (Blind) You wouldn't say that the voltage of a circuit can't be apart from the current.
[8:59] (SuperAsh) oui oui
[8:59] (LeoneXIII) hmmm i don't think it is its "own measurement" that doesn't make any sense
[8:59] (SuperAsh) :D
[8:59] (BeautifulBlue) Canadian
[8:59] (SuperAsh) where are you Nikicole17? im in NB
[8:59] (Blind) Time, t, measured in seconds in the SI system
[9:00] ... Joins: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk]
[9:00] (jogilove) qui parles francais ici?
[9:00] (Nikicole17) COOL! New Brunswick! :) Always wanted to go there! Im from Ontario! :)
[9:00] (Blind) Time is the rate of change of objects
[9:00] (SuperAsh) oui.. but they get antzy when you don't speak english in here
[9:00] (SuperAsh) cool.
[9:00] (LeoneXIII) hmm yeah it's a measure of events
[9:00] (Nikicole17) Je m'appelle francais un peu! XD
[9:00] (LeoneXIII) and how we sequence them
[9:00] (Blind) Correct
[9:00] (SuperAsh) hehe
[9:00] (Steven) Hi
[9:01] (SuperAsh) brb.. movie is over.
[9:01] (LeoneXIII) like i said, i need to read Augustine...and i probably should have paid attention in Philosophy of Nature when we talked about Aristotle's Physics :P
[9:01] (Blind) Nonetheless, are you a pirate or a ninja?
[9:01] (LeoneXIII) a pirate, most definitely
[9:01] (LeoneXIII) better weapons
[9:01] (SuperAsh) :O pirates are awesome!
[9:01] (Blind) PIRATES FTW
[9:01] (LeoneXIII) i like gunpowder
[9:01] (Nikicole17) Only if they are nice! :P
[9:01] ... Nick: LeoneXIII is now known as [LeoneXIII_Pirate]
[9:01] (Blind) It's much deeper than that, but whatever floats your (pirate)boat.
[9:01] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) everybody get your pirate swag on
[9:01] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) :P
[9:02] (Nikicole17) ARRRRG! XD
[9:02] ... Quits: BeautifulBlue [~chievvmfy@JesusRocksOnIrc-D8172A9E.sktn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] (Client exited)
[9:02] (Blind) Oh my it seems I've started something.
[9:02] (Nikicole17) There, this green color isnt so hard on the eyes :P
[9:02] ... Joins: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com]
[9:02] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) hi audrey-anne
[9:02] (Steven) Hi everyone
[9:02] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) hi Steven
[9:02] (Nikicole17) Hello Steven :)
[9:02] (D_Link) !seen puff
[9:02] +(Bible) D_Link, puff was last seen quitting 3days 3hrs 49mins 17secs ago with the message: Client exited
[9:03] (D_Link) fail
[9:03] (audrey-anne) hey ya'll
[9:03] (Nikicole17) YAY! Someone else who says "ya'll" too! :P
[9:03] (Blind) Leone I have to say the highlighted text is making me feel violently perturbed
[9:03] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) ...
[9:03] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) i don't get it
[9:03] (Steven) hi audrey im steven
[9:03] (audrey-anne) of course
[9:03] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) i used highlighted text for years
[9:03] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) and all of a sudden it bothers people
[9:03] (Steven) how are u audrey
[9:03] (Nikicole17) Doesnt bother me! :D
[9:04] (Blind) It bothers me
[9:04] (Nikicole17) Haha :P
[9:04] (SuperAsh) back
[9:04] (Nikicole17) wb! :D
[9:04] (audrey-anne) hi steven! im absolutely great
[9:04] (Blind) I'm just a blip, but I really do hate it.
[9:04] (audrey-anne) what about you steven?
[9:04] (Steven) guess what, last time i was on this someone said they wanted to smack me and I got kicked off the chat
[9:04] (Blind) I am not people.
[9:04] (Steven) is that not messed up audrey
[9:04] (audrey-anne) what?!
[9:04] (Nikicole17) Oh dear! DX Thats not fair, Steven :(
[9:04] (Blind) Steven I want to smack you. ;)
[9:04] (audrey-anne) why would anyone do this
[9:04] (Steven) haha
[9:04] (Blind) Kick him!
[9:04] (Steven) I dont know
[9:05] (audrey-anne) some people dont know the meaning of christian
[9:05] (Nikicole17) Thats so true!
[9:05] (audrey-anne) isnt it
[9:05] (Steven) But the past is the past, I was just checking incase i was the only one who thought it was unfair
[9:05] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) hmmm...
[9:05] (audrey-anne) definitely not the only one
[9:05] (Nikicole17) Many people can say they are a Christian, but don't act like one at all! :(
[9:05] (audrey-anne) precisely the case
[9:05] (SuperAsh) im sure there was more then that that got you kicked.. the mods are usualy pretty fair here.
[9:06] (Steven) Audrey you are my Christian Soul Mate
[9:06] ... Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[9:06] (Blind) Do you have a Normal Soul Mate too?
[9:06] (Steven) haha good one Blind
[9:06] (Steven) but no only audrey
[9:06] (kentuckygal28) hi ya'll
[9:06] (audrey-anne) oh steven! your such a laugh sometimes
[9:06] (Nikicole17) Awww! XD
[9:06] (kentuckygal28) how's everyone doing tonight?
[9:06] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) not bad
[9:06] (LeoneXIII_Pirate) how are you?
[9:06] ... Nick: LeoneXIII_Pirate is now known as [LeoneXIII]
[9:07] (Nikicole17) Steven and Blind are so cute! :P
[9:07] (Steven) Hey kentucky gal im guessing your from the great state of kentucky
[9:07] (Blind) What?
[9:07] (Blind) Don't call me cute
[9:07] (kentuckygal28) pretty good ;)
[9:07] (audrey-anne) blind, dont be so quick to anger
[9:07] (kentuckygal28) yes steven I am
[9:07] (Nikicole17) Lol, im sowwie :(
[9:07] (LeoneXIII) how do you know Blind is angry?
[9:07] (Blind) I'm not angry
[9:07] (audrey-anne) the lord is slow to anger, imitate him
[9:07] (Steven) Blind dont take the compliment in a wrong way
[9:07] (Blind) Not angry!
[9:07] (SuperAsh) *Lord
[9:07] (Blind) Just don't call me cute!
[9:07] (LeoneXIII) ...
[9:08] (Steven) I feel Niki is simply feeling happy
[9:08] (Nikicole17) Lol, thank you Steven.
[9:08] (audrey-anne) my caps doesnt work on this comp
[9:08] (kentuckygal28) call him handsome right Blind
[9:08] (Steven) your welcome Niki
[9:08] (Nikicole17) :)
[9:08] (SuperAsh) oic
[9:08] (Blind) Seems I'm not picking up what you're putting down...
[9:08] (audrey-anne) explain blind?
[9:08] (Steven) So audrey where are you from, USA? or a further place
[9:08] @(`Ruxpin) maybe yhou don't see it Blind
[9:09] (Blind) Well I am
[9:09] (Blind) <---
[9:09] @(`Ruxpin) oh
[9:09] (audrey-anne) i am from new jersey
[9:09] @(`Ruxpin) that may explain things
[9:09] (Steven) ahhhhhh
[9:09] (Steven) I am from Scotland
[9:09] (kentuckygal28) LOL thats for sure
[9:09] (Nikicole17) Anyone from Ontario!? :D lol, probably not! :P
[9:09] (audrey-anne) its full of sin, however i do my best to spread the love of christianity
[9:09] ... Joins: WillowDontGetIt [~btqcbjgfe@18B76007.26D5B2A5.3011ABA0.IP]
[9:09] @(`Ruxpin) -- * --
[9:09] (kentuckygal28) SERIouSLY!!! I love SCOTLAND
[9:09] (WillowDontGetIt) hello ^_^
[9:09] (audrey-anne) i dont appreciate being judged from where i come from ruxpin
[9:09] (Nikicole17) YAY Ruxpin! XD
[9:09] (Steven) Thank you Kentucky
[9:09] (kentuckygal28) I have been looking for someone from scotland forever!!!!
[9:09] (Steven) I love AMERICA
[9:09] (audrey-anne) scotland is ace
[9:10] (Steven) thank you audrey
[9:10] @(`Ruxpin) judged?
[9:10] (Nikicole17) I love scotish accents! :D
[9:10] (kentuckygal28) I used to have a good friend from there and I miss him :(
[9:10] (Steven) oh you all make me want to sing in a celebratory fashion
[9:10] (audrey-anne) yes, i said i was from new jersey, and you said that explains things
[9:10] @(`Ruxpin) who judged you for something?
[9:10] (WillowDontGetIt) hello, all
[9:10] rockwall-ish is guessing that kentuckygal28 is from kentucky
[9:10] @(`Ruxpin) umm audrey-anne, if you scroll back up and read the whole thing you’ll see I was NOT speaking to you
[9:10] (audrey-anne) oh steven your a hoot
[9:10] … Joins: norten [~vvkmepzja@JesusRocksOnIrc-E1DBD701.bb.online.no]
[9:10] (kentuckygal28) me too……scottish accents…*faints* NOT
[9:10] (audrey-anne) scotland is just beautiful
[9:11] (kentuckygal28) yes rockwall I am from KY
[9:11] (Nikicole17) I would love to visit Ireland :)
[9:11] (Steven) I must say my favourite place in this world is NY
[9:11] (write2witness) yes Scotland is awesome
[9:11] (audrey-anne) i apologise ruxpin, however you must realise i get judged alot
[9:11] … Quits: jogilove [~iinefvcft@C981FE02.E008255.6233AF19.IP] (Client exited)
[9:11] … Quits: WillowDontGetIt [~btqcbjgfe@18B76007.26D5B2A5.3011ABA0.IP] (Client exited)
[9:11] (kentuckygal28) seriously?? I live in Ny!!!How funny
[9:11] @(`Ruxpin) mostly for jumping to conclussion I’m assuming
[9:11] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud
[9:11] (write2witness) lol
[9:11] … Joins: Lady_Ema [~emily@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net]
[9:11] @(JROI) [Lady_Ema] “Sometimes all you need is a little more cheese in your life.”
[9:11] @(`Ruxpin) it happens
[9:11] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+ao Lady_Ema Lady_Ema]
[9:11] (Steven) Nicki as starnge as it seems ive never even been to ireland and its only about 2 hours away
[9:12] @(`Ruxpin) and I took no offense
[9:12] (kentuckygal28) if I ever become a widow can I marry you Steve LOL
[9:12] @(`Ruxpin) and I hope you know I don’t judge you
[9:12] (Nikicole17) OH DEAR! Well, you should go there Steven! :)
[9:12] @(Lady_Ema) SuperAsh
[9:12] @(`Ruxpin) I pretty much like everyone but trolls
[9:12] (Steven) ofcourse Kentucky haha
[9:12] (audrey-anne) ruxpin, you are not being very christian
[9:12] (Alek) you don’t like me? =[
[9:12] (Blind) Actually the only way to defeat a troll is to love them.
[9:12] @(`Ruxpin) and Narcissists but most trolls are Narcissists
[9:12] (kentuckygal28) YAY!!!
[9:12] (LeoneXIII) …
[9:12] (Alek) audrey-anne you’re judging right now, just listen to yourself.
[9:12] (kentuckygal28) I have scottish in me ya know
[9:12] … Quits: norten [~vvkmepzja@JesusRocksOnIrc-E1DBD701.bb.online.no] (Client exited)
[9:12] (Alek) “christian” isn’t an adjective
[9:12] (Alek) :P
[9:13] @(`Ruxpin) let’s say it’s all my fault and move along please
[9:13] (SuperAsh) im a narcissist and im not a troll
[9:13] (write2witness) im Scoyyish, yoo
[9:13] (audrey-anne) i am not judging, i am just merely stating what i see
[9:13] (Nikicole17) Hehe, its a verb! :D
[9:13] (Steven) oh do you know where your ancestors are from Nicki
[9:13] (write2witness) Scottish even
[9:13] @(Lady_Ema) SuperAsh: :P I got something shiny in the mail today
[9:13] (audrey-anne) ruxpin is evidently trying to demeen me
[9:13] (Alek) just an excuse
[9:13] (SuperAsh) :O
[9:13] (SuperAsh) I love shiny!
[9:13] … ChanMode: `Ruxpin sets mode [+m]
[9:13] @(Lady_Ema) :D
[9:13] @(`Ruxpin) let’s make some things clear
[9:13] @(`Ruxpin) mistakes do happen
[9:13] @(`Ruxpin) I make them and I assume others are not perfect either
[9:13] @(Lady_Ema) It’s.. I’ll pm lol
[9:13] @(`Ruxpin) let’s say this understanding is all my fault
[9:14] @(`Ruxpin) and let’s move along to a new topic
[9:14] @(`Ruxpin) thank you!
[9:14] … ChanMode: `Ruxpin sets mode [-m]
[9:14] (Nikicole17) have*
[9:14] (Steven) audrey whats going on
[9:14] (kentuckygal28) Steve how old are you?
[9:14] (Steven) I am only 18
[9:14] (rockwall-ish) soooo kentuckygal28, are you still in KY?
[9:14] (kentuckygal28) I probably should have asked that before I said I would marry you
[9:14] (Steven) :)
[9:14] (write2witness) my family is from Scotland
[9:14] (audrey-anne) well i would just like to know if ya’ll read the bible literally or liberally
[9:14] rockwall-ish lives in KY right now
[9:14] @(`Ruxpin) yeah kentuckygal28, that might be a good idea
[9:14] (Alek) usually literally
[9:14] (kentuckygal28) no rockwall I livei n Ny now but I am a native of KY
[9:15] (audrey-anne) i was discussing with me peers earlier today, and many said liberally..i was shocked
[9:15] (kentuckygal28) hmmm I couldnt marry someone ten years my junior, I forfeit my proposal :p
[9:15] (Steven) Right for all you International people try and gues what i am saying, this is slang in scottish ok? Aye I Ken
[9:15] (Alek) hmm
[9:15] (audrey-anne) yes i know
[9:15] (Steven) what do use think that means
[9:15] (kentuckygal28) where about rockwall?
[9:15] (audrey-anne) it means yes i know steven!
[9:15] … Joins: HAggai [~anoipqcjv@JesusRocksOnIrc-35386630.cust.wildblue.net]
[9:16] (Steven) wow well done audrey
[9:16] (Nikicole17) Its nice to know young Christians though! :D It’s very rare to come across one nowadays, I think! Im 17! :D
[9:16] @(`Ruxpin) hi HAggai
[9:16] (kentuckygal28) yes I can
[9:16] … Nick: HAggai is now known as [Haggai]
[9:16] (audrey-anne) lol kentucky wrong
[9:16] (audrey-anne) say something else for us to guess!
[9:16] (Haggai) sorry stupid shift key
[9:16] (Steven) you tried well kentucky
[9:16] (kentuckygal28) oh well
[9:16] (Steven) so close u were
[9:16] (kentuckygal28) see I should marry a Scot so I can learn the slang LoL
[9:16] (Haggai) What are we doing?
[9:16] write2witness raises his hand
[9:16] (audrey-anne) laugh out loud
[9:17] (rockwall-ish) Kinda nearish to lex kentuckygal28
[9:17] … Joins: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
[9:17] (Haggai) yes writeto witness?
[9:17] (Steven) ok heres another one- yer a numpty ye ken aye
[9:17] (kentuckygal28) oh cool rockwall….I grew up near Louisville
[9:17] @(`Ruxpin) hi Heather
[9:17] (Heather) Hey, again :)
[9:17] (Nikicole17) Ello Heather! :)
[9:17] (Heather) Hi :)
[9:17] (audrey-anne) oh thats a hard one!
[9:17] (Nikicole17) How are you today?
[9:17] (kentuckygal28) I dont know what it means but I LOVE IT!!!
[9:17] (write2witness) Heather……yo
[9:17] (rockwall-ish) been there a few times
[9:17] (Blind) That means… One ring to rule them all?
[9:17] (Heather) I am good, thanks. How are you?
[9:18] (kentuckygal28) I can hear the accent :)
[9:18] (audrey-anne) so can i!
[9:18] (Heather) what up w2w!?
[9:18] (audrey-anne) how funny!
[9:18] (Nikicole17) I am doing well thanks! :)
[9:18] (write2witness) just me at the moment
[9:18] (Heather) awesome
[9:18] (Steven) haha it means you are an idiot you know, yes? but idiot in a joking matter
[9:18] (Steven) as in your silly
[9:18] (audrey-anne) oh i see!
[9:18] (Heather) o.0
[9:18] (audrey-anne) how humerous
[9:18] (Haggai) You called me a potatoe thats swimming through corn syrup? right?
[9:18] Alek pokes Heather
[9:18] (audrey-anne) do all scottish people talk in this way
[9:18] (kentuckygal28) Haha!! I knew I loved it. I love sarcasm LOL
[9:18] (Heather) well, I am caatching up on the voice, so ping me if needed!
[9:18] (Steven) haha
[9:18] (Alek) ping Heather
[9:18] Heather tackle hugs Alek
[9:19] (Heather) stop it :P
[9:19] (Steven) no only the really broad and neddy people
[9:19] (Alek) stop what Heather
[9:19] (audrey-anne) neddy?
[9:19] (Steven) uhhh neds the pity of the earth
[9:19] (Nikicole17) Hey, any Coldplay fans here? :)
[9:19] (Heather) -.-
[9:19] (Alek) loving you? :)
[9:19] … Quits: Inrepertus [~Geremino@JesusRocksOnIrc-6458606.bb.online.no] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Leaving)
[9:19] (LeoneXIII) i’ve listened to two of their songs
[9:19] (Heather) dork :P
[9:19] (LeoneXIII) and that’s all you need
[9:19] (LeoneXIII) they mostly sound the same :P
[9:19] (Heather) hard, right!?
[9:19] (SuperAsh) yes. i love coldplay
[9:19] … Joins: Lady_Ema_ [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net]
[9:19] Haggai tackle hugs Alek as he gets back up
[9:19] (Steven) me nicki im going to see them in july at T in the Park a music festival here
[9:19] (Lady_Ema_) gr
[9:19] (Heather) lol
[9:19] (Lady_Ema_) -.-
[9:19] (Alek) <.<
[9:19] (Blind) Is coldplay some kind of snowball fight?
[9:19] (Haggai) So do i
[9:19] (SuperAsh) haha em
[9:19] (Alek) you'd think so
[9:19] (Lady_Ema_) its up :P
[9:19] (audrey-anne) its a band
[9:19] (Haggai) lol
[9:19] (kentuckygal28) haha Blind good one
[9:19] (Nikicole17) DX! No no, you didnt just say that! :P
[9:19] `Ruxpin likes “yellow”
[9:19] (SuperAsh) :O
[9:20] (Heather) LOL please
[9:20] (Blind) Really I had no idea
[9:20] (Blind) <---
[9:20] (kentuckygal28) :D
[9:20] (audrey-anne) ruxpin! how did you know?
[9:20] (Steven) any rihanna fans?
[9:20] (Heather) K ping if needed :)
[9:20] (Nikicole17) and no! They are a band silly! XD And my fav one at that, so be careful what you say! :P
[9:20] Haggai is liking Flood by Jars of Clay
[9:20] @(`Ruxpin) know what?
[9:20] (audrey-anne) COME HERE RUDE BOY CAN YOU GET IT UP
[9:20] (LeoneXIII) um
[9:20] (Steven) uhhhhhh hahahaha great song
[9:20] (LeoneXIII) …
[9:20] (Lady_Ema_) ugh
[9:20] (SuperAsh) Lady_Ema_, its beautiful.
[9:20] Lady_Ema_ stabs it
[9:20] (Lady_Ema_) :D
[9:20] (Lady_Ema_) yes it is
[9:20] (SuperAsh) what on earth
[9:20] (audrey-anne) i love that song!
[9:20] (Nikicole17) Lyrics are so sexual nowadays :(
[9:20] @(`Ruxpin) hey Lady_Ema, where is Kay?
[9:20] … Quits: Lady_Ema [~emily@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net] (Ping timeout)
[9:20] … Nick: Lady_Ema_ is now known as [Lady_Ema]
[9:20] (Haggai) And my mind is crashed by the crashing waves…
[9:20] (Steven) lady gagas new album is amazing
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) what on earth
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) lol
[9:21] (Haggai) Lift Me UP!
[9:21] @(`Ruxpin) hey Lady_Ema, where is Kay?
[9:21] (kentuckygal28) lady gaga BLEH!!!
[9:21] @(`Ruxpin) !seen kay
[9:21] @(JROI) kay was last seen here 5 hours, 4 minutes ago.
[9:21] +(Bible) `Ruxpin, kay was last seen quitting 1wk 4days 2hrs 7mins 35secs ago with the message: Client exited
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) um
[9:21] @(`Ruxpin) she’s been gone a week
[9:21] (Nikicole17) I AM FRIENDS WIT KAY! :D
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) No idea?
[9:21] (SuperAsh) Steven, yes it is.
[9:21] (Haggai) !seen Ky
[9:21] +(Bible) Haggai, Ky was last seen quitting 7hrs 31mins 42secs ago with the message: | www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Bookmark Chat and Come Back |
[9:21] (Steven) kentucky not a fan?
[9:21] (Nikicole17) I miss her! :(
[9:21] (Haggai) dang it…
[9:21] (Blind) There is a lot of text going on here….
[9:21] @(`Ruxpin) no one knows, I’m betting she was hit by a car and is lying deadin a ditch
[9:21] (Steven) Superass what r u favourite songs from it
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) shes been gone like 5 hours
[9:21] (Lady_Ema) lol
[9:21] (kentuckygal28) no I am not!! yuck
[9:21] (Steven) how come
[9:21] @(`Ruxpin) Steven, check your spelling
[9:21] (SuperAsh) it’s a slower one.. can’t think of the name though
[9:21] … Quits: Haggai [~anoipqcjv@JesusRocksOnIrc-35386630.cust.wildblue.net] (Client exited)
[9:21] (Steven) she is the new geenration
[9:21] (Steven) a great image for all epople
[9:22] (Steven) people*
[9:22] (Nikicole17) I havent talked to her in a while :(
[9:22] (SuperAsh) why are you screaming
[9:22] (kentuckygal28) cause I dont like how she looks
[9:22] (kentuckygal28) LOL
[9:22] @(`Ruxpin) audrey-anne, no all caps it’s considered rude in chatrooms
[9:22] (LeoneXIII) audrey-anne: typing in all caps won’t help us here you better
[9:22] (LeoneXIII) :P
[9:22] (audrey-anne) sorry! didnt realise it was rude
[9:22] (audrey-anne) its just how i sing it!
[9:22] @(`Ruxpin) Steven, did you notice your typo earlier?
[9:22] (Steven) it is audreys way of expressing her love for the song
[9:22] (Steven) sorry
[9:22] (audrey-anne) thats right steven!
[9:22] (Steven) yeh i have now
[9:23] (Heather) -.- he is going to pick tye isn’t he!!!!! ugh Alek! if he picks Tye I am going to cry!
[9:23] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud ok good
[9:23] @(`Ruxpin) as long as you’re aware
[9:23] SuperAsh wanders out
[9:23] … Quits: Nikicole17 [~pxbnncrvr@JesusRocksOnIrc-68DF9528.dsl.bell.ca] (Client exited)
[9:23] (Steven) My favourite singer of all time is Kesha
[9:23] (Steven) Tik Tok
[9:23] (Blind) I may have to kill you for that…
[9:23] (SuperAsh) really?
[9:23] (kentuckygal28) i have to go iron clothes for church tomorrow. be back in a bit
[9:23] (SuperAsh) i love Duffy.
[9:23] (Heather) yay!!! Alek! he didn’t!!!!
[9:23] (audrey-anne) the party dont start till i walk in
[9:23] (Heather) lol
[9:23] (SuperAsh) her vocals are incredable.
[9:23] (audrey-anne) she is amazing!
[9:24] (Steven) I will see her this July
[9:24] (Alek) what the heck are u talkin about?
[9:24] (Steven) cannot wait
[9:24] (LeoneXIII) i need to wash clothes for Church
[9:24] (Blind) Exactly: In-credible, as in not trustworthy
[9:24] … Joins: rejoiceandsing [~lfhbcelch@JesusRocksOnIrc-43B4A8F5.nc.res.rr.com]
[9:24] (Blind) Kesha can’t sing
[9:24] (LeoneXIII) none of my good black pants are clean
[9:24] (LeoneXIII) and i have to de-fuzz my shirt
[9:24] (rejoiceandsing) hello
[9:24] (Heather) The Voice
[9:24] (Heather) DUH!
[9:24] (kentuckygal28) LOL de-fuzz
[9:24] (Steven) Blind it doesnt matter if she cant ut her concert will be amzing
[9:24] (Steven) strobes
[9:24] (Heather) get with it dude!
[9:24] @(`Ruxpin) I hate defuzzing clothing
[9:24] (rejoiceandsing) how r u all
[9:24] (LeoneXIII) haha it’s actually kinda fun
[9:24] (kentuckygal28) oh wait I am supposed to be ironing…bye
[9:24] (Alek) what is the voice
[9:24] (Steven) and her music is great
[9:24] (SuperAsh) it’s a show
[9:24] (Blind) There’s a difference between singing and entertaining
[9:24] (Heather) 0.0
[9:24] (Heather) REALLY!
[9:24] (LeoneXIII) that’s the problem with owning a yellow hoodie that’s visible from space and black clergy shirts
[9:24] (Blind) Kesha is not a singer
[9:24] (Heather) my bf is on it
[9:24] (Alek) :P
[9:24] (Blind) She is an entertainer
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) noo singing is entertaining
[9:25] (SuperAsh) like american idol.. but they don’t see who they are picking until after they sing
[9:25] (LeoneXIII) put them in the same closet and the clergy shirt looks like you’ve been rolling in pollen
[9:25] (Steven) so iseveryone these days then
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) but entertainging doesn’t limit to singing
[9:25] @(`Ruxpin) LeoneXIII, you’d look like a neon school bus
[9:25] (Steven) or else we loose interest
[9:25] (audrey-anne) im bored
[9:25] (LeoneXIII) hahahaha
[9:25] (Blind) Kesha doesn’t sing, she autotunes.
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) oh kesha like tik tok
[9:25] (LeoneXIII) i kinda want to wash another shirt though, since the one that’s clean isn’t my favorite one to wear…
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) she does sing well
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) before she used autotune
[9:25] (Blind) Nopenopenope
[9:25] (Steven) autotune is what makes her song sound cool
[9:25] (Steven) its dancy
[9:25] (SuperAsh) lol
[9:25] (Blind) She always used autotune
[9:25] (rejoiceandsing) yeh it makes it fun
[9:25] (Steven) same as black eyed peas
[9:26] (LeoneXIII) yeah but that’s not talent
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) no when she was a teenager
[9:26] (Blind) Autotune does not equal talent as a singer
[9:26] (LeoneXIII) anybody can sound good with autotune
[9:26] … Joins: Fredneck_loves_jesus [~pbotghvgj@JesusRocksOnIrc-EE5A322E.tampabay.res.rr.com]
[9:26] (SuperAsh) most people use autotune now
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) just starting out
[9:26] (Lady_Ema) I cant believe yall are having this convo
[9:26] (Lady_Ema) lol
[9:26] (Blind) And that’s why I hate most singers SuperAsh
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) i dont know i just got her
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) hate why? u don’t know them
[9:26] (SuperAsh) you’d love me. i don’t autotune
[9:26] (Steven) audrey u thr?
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) what about lil wayne
[9:26] (Blind) I hate them as singers
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) i love him
[9:26] (Blind) Not as people
[9:26] (Lady_Ema) lol
[9:26] (Lady_Ema) wow
[9:26] (rejoiceandsing) well
[9:26] (Lady_Ema) just..wow
[9:26] (audrey-anne) yes steven i am
[9:27] (LeoneXIII) i don’t autotune…little hard to when you’re singing your daily prayers in choir :P
[9:27] (SuperAsh) hahah Lady_Ema, i am thinking the same thing
[9:27] (Blind) There is so much awfulness going on in here….
[9:27] (rejoiceandsing) do u like lil wayne? or rap at all
[9:27] … Joins: Drumfan84 [~niejikgbj@JesusRocksOnIrc-982C942F.lightspeed.nsvltn.sbcglobal.net]
[9:27] … Quits: Fredneck_loves_jesus [~pbotghvgj@JesusRocksOnIrc-EE5A322E.tampabay.res.rr.com] (Client exited)
[9:27] (SuperAsh) no. listen to queen. freddie mercury was a singer.
[9:27] (audrey-anne) lollipop is such a tune
[9:27] (Steven) yeh i agree
[9:28] (Lady_Ema) lets remember this is a Christian chat and our conversations should reflect that..
[9:28] (Steven) remember the vengaboys
[9:28] (LeoneXIII) Freddie Mercury was awesome
[9:28] (rejoiceandsing) i mean i praise and such it’s just that i don’t listen to gospel allll the time u know?
[9:28] (Steven) going to Ibiza
[9:28] (Steven) TUNE
[9:28] (LeoneXIII) i’m not much on praise music
[9:28] (LeoneXIII) the only Christian music i listen to is over 200 years old :P
[9:28] (LeoneXIII) well, Faure was a little later than that
[9:28] (LeoneXIII) but still
[9:28] (rejoiceandsing) yes i know this is christian and i enjoy church
[9:28] (rejoiceandsing) but sometimes i like to be a lil more modern
[9:29] (rejoiceandsing) gotta have some balance in my life
[9:29] (LeoneXIII) i listen to Metallica before i work out :P
[9:29] … Joins: Acegirl [~chpudwlnz@7CDB7DAD.E1795393.79A477D5.IP]
[9:29] (rejoiceandsing) i like new stuff like pop and hip hop im more laid back then the praise music on the radio
[9:29] (audrey-anne) lil wayne is ace
[9:29] (rejoiceandsing) wat
[9:29] (rejoiceandsing) ace?
[9:30] (Acegirl) say WHAT?!
[9:30] (Steven) lil wayne is ace
[9:30] (rejoiceandsing) wats that mean
[9:30] Acegirl looks at write2witness ….then looks at herself
[9:30] (rejoiceandsing) because he is amazing
[9:30] (rejoiceandsing) i know he curses alot and all that but that’s just for show
[9:30] … Joins: pixelpusher [~bxviazxhf@JesusRocksOnIrc-921A5A06.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]
[9:30] (audrey-anne) of course
[9:30] (pixelpusher) good afternoon everyone :)
[9:30] (rejoiceandsing) he is really a good person who makes mistake
[9:31] (rejoiceandsing) dont we all make mistakes?
[9:31] (Acegirl) hi pixelpusher
[9:31] (pixelpusher) hiya Ace
[9:31] (Steven) audrey u not think lil wayne is just smacking with everything under that topping roof
[9:31] @(`Ruxpin) a mistake is 1+1=3, a choice is what people make when they chooose how to live their lives
[9:31] (Lady_Ema) !bible 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22
[9:31] +(Bible) 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22 (New International Version)
[9:31] +(Bible) Final Instructions 12 Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. 13 Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other. 14 And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with
[9:31] +(Bible) everyone. 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 Do not treat prophecies with contempt 21 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every
[9:31] +(Bible) kind of evil.
[9:32] (Lady_Ema) oops
[9:32] @(`Ruxpin) and without Christ, none of usre are “good”
[9:32] (Blind) Woah
[9:32] (write2witness) hey Ace
[9:32] (Blind) Haha
[9:32] (audrey-anne) oh totez me goatz, he is playing the piano like an armless man
[9:32] (Lady_Ema) that was supposed to be 21.. not 12
[9:32] (pixelpusher) hello write2
[9:32] (write2witness) hey pix
[9:32] (Lady_Ema) im.. slydestic.. :P
[9:32] … Joins: rejoiceandlove [~lfhbcelch@JesusRocksOnIrc-43B4A8F5.nc.res.rr.com]
[9:32] (Acegirl) hi em
[9:32] (Acegirl) ema
[9:32] (rejoiceandlove) im back sorry
[9:32] (Acegirl) grrr….i can’t type
[9:32] (Blind) I’m typophobic.
[9:32] (Steven) toots like a scottish soloist within the times? But how does he sing with such fishing tunes?
[9:32] (pixelpusher) lol Blind
[9:32] (rejoiceandlove) i had to change my name
[9:32] (Blind) Luckily I’m also
[9:32] (Blind) <---
[9:32] (Acegirl) must be from getting told off 2 minutes before the end of my shift
[9:33] ... Quits: rejoiceandsing [~lfhbcelch@JesusRocksOnIrc-43B4A8F5.nc.res.rr.com] (Ping timeout)
[9:33] (Acegirl) 'sup write2witness ?
[9:33] (Lady_Ema) !bible 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22
[9:33] +(Bible) 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 (New International Version)
[9:33] (write2witness) not much, you?
[9:33] +(Bible) 21 but test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil.
[9:33] (pixelpusher) hi kentuckygal28 how's it goin
[9:33] `Ruxpin Kjv Mathew 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.
[9:33] (rejoiceandlove) uhhh u suck ass
[9:33] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+b *!*@JesusRocksOnIrc-43B4A8F5.nc.res.rr.com]
[9:33] … Kicks: rejoiceandlove was kicked from #jroi by [JROI] (Watch your language!)
[9:33] … Joins: HeDiedForYouandMe [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[9:33] @(JROI) [HeDiedForYouandMe] The Lord has taken command the kingdom of God is at hand he lives in you and me oh the lamb has set us free.- Bloodgood
[9:33] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+o HeDiedForYouandMe]
[9:34] Lady_Ema saw that one coming
[9:34] (Acegirl) wb Ben
[9:34] (Acegirl) write2witness: just got home from work actually
[9:34] (Steven) Audrey- is ur time of cracking the bean within the tank ready in ur tribal unit?
[9:34] (pixelpusher) what kind of work you do Ace?
[9:34] (Acegirl) i dispatch home care nurses for the province
[9:34] (pixelpusher) oh ok
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) I’m guessing hardware or cards
[9:35] (Acegirl) hardware?
[9:35] (LeoneXIII) blah
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) wow, I was way off on that one
[9:35] (write2witness) you had to work today? bummer
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) Ace Hardware store
[9:35] (LeoneXIII) i found work for the summer :P
[9:35] (Acegirl) CARDS!?
[9:35] (LeoneXIII) actually i was given work for the summer
[9:35] (audrey-anne) steven – my shallaking with hardware materials has been just spank the donkey
[9:35] (pixelpusher) right on Leone
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) Ace is the place for your helpful hardware man
[9:35] (Acegirl) write2witness: yeah, it’s my weekend to work….and i’m on the 1-9 shift
[9:35] (write2witness) lol
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) yeah Ace of diamonds…etc…
[9:35] @(`Ruxpin) oh well
[9:35] (Steven) audrey- but the spank on the donkey wont make it through the eyes of those watching your tribal unit, even if they stalk the cat
[9:35] (Acegirl) `Ruxpin: …..nevermind……i don’t have a good comeback for that
[9:36] (write2witness) lol
[9:36] (write2witness) i do, but i’ll resist
[9:36] Acegirl leans towards write2witness so he can whisper it in her ear
[9:36] @(`Ruxpin) how about “if that is your best guess, don’t try working as a mind reader”
[9:37] (audrey-anne) steven – very true, however the milk of jelly bean spirit has aided the eyes which may or may not be stalking the cat,
[9:37] (Steven) does any1 ken wit am nae begen oft?
[9:37] @(`Ruxpin) TRANSLATOR!!!
[9:37] (Blind) I’m pretty sure “any1″ isn’t scottish
[9:37] HeDiedForYouandMe is lost
[9:37] (Blind) That’s just bad
[9:37] (Steven) audrey- crift en moanen ken that crechet?
[9:37] @(`Ruxpin) me too Ben
[9:37] (write2witness) i’m going to keep my mouth shut. i’ve gotten in ehough trouble already this week. lol
[9:37] (Steven) Blind- who said im speaking scottish
[9:37] rockwall-ish gets out the duct tape
[9:37] (Blind) I did
[9:37] (rockwall-ish) need this write2witness?
[9:37] (rockwall-ish) :P
[9:38] (Blind) Just then
[9:38] (audrey-anne) steven – oooaft aye ken the crechet in the shpeket, offy herd tims
[9:38] (Blind) I assume you saw it
[9:38] (rockwall-ish) ummm….
[9:38] @(`Ruxpin) yeah Blind, he might just be having a stroke
[9:38] (Acegirl) write2witness: what’d you do THIS time?
[9:38] (rockwall-ish) english please
[9:38] (kentuckygal28) ok I am back
[9:38] write2witness shrugs
[9:38] (Blind) Nah, lots of planets have a north.
[9:38] (pixelpusher) wb kentucky
[9:38] (write2witness) i can get into trouble just sitting here, Ace
[9:38] (Acegirl) true enough :P
[9:38] (kentuckygal28) hi pixel! Thanks
[9:38] (Steven) audrey- ooft en checken meen often yen cen men yen
[9:38] (Acegirl) especially when you stop calling me by my nickname
[9:38] (rockwall-ish) !op
[9:38] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+o rockwall-ish]
[9:38] (kentuckygal28) how are ya tonight pixel?
[9:38] (Blind) w2w all you have to do is search ‘how to make a bomb’ and then buy plane tickets
[9:38] (write2witness) hehe
[9:38] @(rockwall-ish) english please
[9:39] (Blind) you’ll get black-bagged within 10 mins
[9:39] (pixelpusher) i’m doing great. just finished watching ‘water for elephants’ movie. How r u doing?
[9:39] (SuperAsh) night lovies
[9:39] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) ey rockwall-ish
[9:39] (Lady_Ema) nite!
[9:39] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) night SuperAsh
[9:39] (Acegirl) night SuperAsh
[9:39] (write2witness) i get black bagged just walking out to my mailbox
[9:39] … Quits: SuperAsh [~Anon2108@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | superas.tumblr.com)
[9:39] (Blind) Oh yeah sorry about that
[9:39] (audrey-anne) steven – yen men chen ooooooooafty wofty slap da monkey
[9:39] (kentuckygal28) doing good. Just finished ironing shirts for church
[9:39] (Acegirl) what’d you do to those dogs this time!?
[9:39] … Joins: DCman [~zoetfkemc@JesusRocksOnIrc-535E824A.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com]
[9:39] (Blind) I used your name to buy ski masks
[9:39] (pixelpusher) oh ok.. church 2morrow morning?
[9:39] @(rockwall-ish) audrey-anne, Steven
[9:39] (write2witness) the dogs were not the issue, lol
[9:39] (Steven) the monkey ooft slapping yen backyeht hahahaha
[9:39] … Quits: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] ([irc.jesusrocksonirc.net] Local kill by Lady_Ema (listen! ))
[9:40] … Quits: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk] ([irc.jesusrocksonirc.net] Local kill by Lady_Ema (you too))
[9:40] Acegirl cocks an eyebrow at write2witness
[9:40] (write2witness) ayah
[9:40] @(rockwall-ish) thanx Lady_Ema
[9:40] (write2witness) lol
[9:40] (Lady_Ema) np
[9:40] (Lady_Ema) :P
[9:40] … Joins: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com]
[9:40] (audrey-anne) jkj
[9:40] @(rockwall-ish) now listen please
[9:40] … Joins: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk]
[9:40] (Steven) audrey tht was for sorry
[9:40] (Steven) forgot to say
[9:40] (DCman) Hey everybody
[9:40] @(rockwall-ish) english only
[9:40] (Acegirl) hi DCman
[9:40] (write2witness) hey DC
[9:40] (kentuckygal28) J et? na’d you? Na, ya ont too?
[9:40] (Steven) rockwall- tht is english just slang
[9:40] `Ruxpin is more of a Marvel Man then a DC one
[9:41] (kentuckygal28) <<< [9:41] @(rockwall-ish) english everyone else understands
[9:41] (pixelpusher) lol mmm ok
[9:41] pixelpusher does not understand redneck dialect hehe
[9:41] (Heather) 0.0
[9:41] (Acegirl) awwwww rockwall-ish ! :( but i LIKE using big fancy words that no one knows the meaning of!
[9:41] (kentuckygal28) haha that is hillbilly language
[9:41] (Steven) but to us tht is english
[9:41] (Heather) lol Pixel
[9:41] (Steven) we arent saying nything bad
[9:41] @(rockwall-ish) LOL Acegirl
[9:41] … Joins: Anon2217 [~Anon2217@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP]
[9:41] (Steven) just speaking in lose terms
[9:41] @(rockwall-ish) well then do a !dict along with it Acegirl :P
[9:41] (LeoneXIII) English is not subjective. English is English. Speak the English that everyone else speaks.
[9:41] Acegirl shrugs
[9:42] (audrey-anne) i will not be a robot
[9:42] (Blind) Yes. CONFORM
[9:42] (LeoneXIII) …
[9:42] (kentuckygal28) bet you don’t understand a 50 gallon can of whoop tail either do ya pixel? LOL
[9:42] (Blind) ONE OF US
[9:42] … Nick: Anon2217 is now known as [Peanut]
[9:42] (LeoneXIII) Kyrie Eleison…
[9:42] (Steven) ill not be a robot with all my grassy often yaught haha
[9:42] write2witness tries the redneck dialect [ahem] “As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party.”
[9:42] (pixelpusher) lol silly
[9:42] (audrey-anne) grassy often yaught fashah eesh no? hahaha!
[9:42] (pixelpusher) i am messican muhself so it’s hard enough trying to grasp the english language as it is ;) LOL
[9:42] Acegirl quotes Star Trek “Resistance is futile”
[9:42] @(rockwall-ish) Steven, I don’t actually know that, sense I can’t understand it, and sense there are others who will say things they shouldn’t, then everyone needs to follow the same rules
[9:43] @(rockwall-ish) and really audrey-anne
[9:43] (kentuckygal28) haha write2witness. Good try
[9:43] … Quits: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] ([irc.jesusrocksonirc.net] Local kill by rockwall-ish (last warning))
[9:43] (Blind) *since
[9:43] (Blind) Since.
[9:43] (Steven) audrey- yer grassen yen mein fottloseen csn?
[9:43] (Steven) can*
[9:43] … Joins: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com]
[9:43] Acegirl waits for it
[9:43] … Quits: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk] ([irc.jesusrocksonirc.net] Local kill by rockwall-ish (last one for you too))
[9:43] … Joins: Look [~votmdnxai@67F7D143.DF0EB45D.BFF2D91F.IP]
[9:43] (Acegirl) …..ta da!
[9:43] (write2witness) Them gummit boys shore are ignert
[9:43] (kentuckygal28) whatever pixel your a gringo
[9:43] @(rockwall-ish) next time I ban you audrey-anne
[9:43] (audrey-anne) rude
[9:43] … Joins: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk]
[9:43] @(rockwall-ish) I’ve warned you
[9:43] (audrey-anne) i dont care
[9:43] (Look) hellooo!! :P
[9:44] (Acegirl) hi Look
[9:44] (Steven) rockwall whats wrong
[9:44] @(rockwall-ish) next time you will be banned too Steven
[9:44] (Steven) dont be part of our convo
[9:44] (Look) hi Acegirl :P
[9:44] (Steven) its up to us
[9:44] @(rockwall-ish) then take it to PM
[9:44] (kentuckygal28) haha write2witness that was better
[9:44] (Acegirl) then keep it to private messages steven
[9:44] (write2witness) guys, dont anger The Rock
[9:44] (audrey-anne) freewill no?
[9:44] (Steven) why
[9:44] (Blind) Steven the problem is that you’re making everyone else have to see your ‘convo’
[9:44] (Steven) what are we doing tht upsetting u so much
[9:44] (Lady_Ema) No. its actually not up to you lol
[9:44] (Lady_Ema) !rules
[9:44] (Look) helloooo Blind :P
[9:44] +(Bible) To see a list or rules for #JROI, please visit: http://jesusrocksonirc.net/jroirules.html
[9:44] (Blind) No one else wants to see it
[9:44] (pixelpusher) lol gringo
[9:44] @(rockwall-ish) actually, it’s up to the op’s rules are rules
[9:44] (Blind) Hello Look
[9:44] (Look) :D
[9:44] @(rockwall-ish) Steven, because I’ve spoken to you about it
[9:44] (Blind) Do I know you?
[9:44] Acegirl wonders if her dog is digesting something strange…..
[9:44] (Look) Lady_Ema: !!! :D :D:D
[9:44] (audrey-anne) wht happened to freewill
[9:45] (write2witness) the dogs
[9:45] (audrey-anne) mans most sacred privelege
[9:45] (Look) write2witness: !!!!!!!!! :D :D
[9:45] (write2witness) aiye
[9:45] (Lady_Ema) Look O_O
[9:45] (write2witness) hey Look
[9:45] (audrey-anne) taken away by rockwall? i think not
[9:45] (Look) pixelpusher: :D
[9:45] (Lady_Ema) hi?
[9:45] (LeoneXIII) …obedience is a good thing, though
[9:45] (Steven) well said audrey they are discriminating against us because we are scottish
[9:45] (pixelpusher) hi Look
[9:45] (LeoneXIII) we are commanded to be obedient to those in authority
[9:45] (Look) :D
[9:45] Acegirl facepalms
[9:45] (LeoneXIII) if you don’t like the authority here, you don’t have to stay here
[9:45] (Blind) audrey-anne Free will only goes as far as what YOU do with YOUR OWN things. You cannot make OTHERS do things THEY don’t want to.
[9:45] (Look) pop!
[9:45] pixelpusher doesn’t know who Look is hehe.. oops
[9:45] (LeoneXIII) you can use your free will to haul your self somewhere else
[9:45] (Steven) if i were speaking french then you wouldnt say anything
[9:45] (pixelpusher) i guess it’s my old age or something
[9:45] write2witness eats and watches the convo rool by
[9:45] @(rockwall-ish) We have rules here, if everyone could do what ever, then we would have coas
[9:45] (Look) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!
[9:45] (Steven) so let us speak how scottish people soeak
[9:45] @(rockwall-ish) Steven, yes I would
[9:45] (write2witness) roll even
[9:45] (Look) rockwall-ish: !!!!!! :D :D
[9:45] (Look) finally! :P
[9:45] Acegirl looks at write2witness ……
[9:46] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) !deop
[9:46] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [-o HeDiedForYouandMe]
[9:46] @(rockwall-ish) Look
[9:46] (audrey-anne) blind, you are contradicting yourseld
[9:46] … Nick: HeDiedForYouandMe is now known as [HDFYAM|lost]
[9:46] (write2witness) i know, ya cant help looking at me
[9:46] (Steven) you are blind
[9:46] (write2witness) lol
[9:46] (Blind) No, I’m not
[9:46] (Acegirl) har har har
[9:46] (Look) green??+
[9:46] (write2witness) lol
[9:46] (Blind) Well yes i’m blind
[9:46] (write2witness) couldnt resist
[9:46] (Acegirl) i’m waiting for the inevitable
[9:46] (kentuckygal28) dadgummit stop of this bickerin and hogwash
[9:46] (Look) lol
[9:46] (Blind) But I’ve got a braille screen so I can see
[9:46] (Steven) perhaps you are the one needing band because you are bigning discriminatory
[9:46] (Look) same here ben XD
[9:46] (LeoneXIII) ….
[9:46] (DCman) green
[9:46] (audrey-anne) blind, you are a liar
[9:46] (Blind) Nahh
[9:46] (audrey-anne) you should be banished
[9:46] (pixelpusher) i think im hungry… i need food
[9:46] (Alek) enough arguing
[9:46] (Blind) I’m blind!
[9:46] (LeoneXIII) rockwall is not the US government…she is not bound to protect your first amendment rights
[9:46] (Steven) banished from the land
[9:46] (LeoneXIII) :P
[9:47] (kentuckygal28) me too pixel bring me some cookies!!
[9:47] (write2witness) well praise God i was fed an actual home cooked meal today. it was awesome
[9:47] (Gods_Light) lol what is going on here?
[9:47] … Parts: audrey-anne [~ojgmhddck@JesusRocksOnIrc-5051F13C.range81-154.btcentralplus.com]
[9:47] … Parts: Steven [~xfjulrwmm@JesusRocksOnIrc-7EF0AD2A.zone5.bethere.co.uk]
[9:47] (Blind) Steven and audrey-anne You are in a public place, and as such you can’t just fill it up with lots of stuff that is a hindrance to others.
[9:47] (Heather) :O Alek doesn’t like all the arguing?!? SINCE WHEN!
[9:47] @(`Ruxpin) hey blind are you really blind?
[9:47] (Look) no idea Gods_Light :P
[9:47] (kentuckygal28) good write2. I feed a home cooked meal to my family every night :)
[9:47] (Look) ptff
[9:47] (Alek) since i’m not involved :OP
[9:47] (Alek) :P *
[9:47] (Heather) lol
[9:47] (Look) lol
[9:47] (Heather) makes sense
[9:48] (Look) hahahah no one knoooows who i aaaaaam!!!
[9:48] pixelpusher gives oatmeal cookies to everyone in the channel :) yaaay
[9:48] (Look) yaaaaaaaaay!!
[9:48] @(`Ruxpin) Blind are you really blind?
[9:48] (Look) finallyy!!! :P
[9:48] (Look) hihihi
[9:48] (Acegirl) yay! cookies!!!
[9:48] (Acegirl) thanks pixel!
[9:48] (pixelpusher) :)
[9:48] (Blind) I just got blooped
[9:48] (kentuckygal28) oatmeal? Only if they have raisins to
[9:48] … Nick: Look is now known as [Jessica]
[9:48] (Blind) And I can’t see it…
[9:48] (pixelpusher) they do!
[9:48] (Acegirl) raisins!?
[9:48] (Heather) Jessica :P
[9:48] (Jessica) :P
[9:48] (Acegirl) no thanks
[9:48] (Heather) hi!
[9:48] … Joins: yonairis [~yszjxinhn@JesusRocksOnIrc-1AAF3644.l.sta.codetel.net.do]
[9:48] (Jessica) Heather: !!!!!!!!!! :D
[9:48] (Acegirl) i’ll take chocolate chips
[9:48] (kentuckygal28) Yay your my friend
[9:48] (pixelpusher) lol
[9:48] (Heather) haha hey!
[9:48] (kentuckygal28) I almost wrote fried LOL
[9:49] (Jessica) kentuckygal28: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D :D
[9:49] (pixelpusher) lol typo galore 2nite huh
[9:49] (kentuckygal28) hi Jessica, how ya kickin?
[9:49] … Joins: lala209 [~lyeklqzim@33C56977.6515C1A0.97CE360A.IP]
[9:49] (Jessica) fried?? lol would make sense kentucky fried
[9:49] (Jessica) lol
[9:49] (Acegirl) but i don’t LIKE raisins. does that mean that you’re NOT my friend pixel?
[9:49] (write2witness) hey Jess
[9:49] @(`Ruxpin) Welcome Back Lady_Ema
[9:49] (Lady_Ema) o.0
[9:49] Jessica hugs her daddy write2witness :D
[9:49] (Lady_Ema) thanks?
[9:49] (pixelpusher) i have mmm some peanutbutter cookies you can have those Ace ;)
[9:49] (write2witness) awwww
[9:49] (Acegirl) thanks pixel :)
[9:49] (write2witness) nice
[9:49] Lady_Ema has been here for like ages
[9:49] (Lady_Ema) :P
[9:49] Alek screams
[9:49] (pixelpusher) k now i need coffee… argggh so lazy to make some though plus it’s late
[9:50] (lala209) hola people
[9:50] Blind has been here for similar ages
[9:50] (lala209) brb
[9:50] (pixelpusher) hola lala
[9:50] (Jessica) O_O
[9:50] (LeoneXIII) hi lala209
[9:50] (kentuckygal28) chicken fried, cold soda on a friday night….*sings while dancing*
[9:50] Alek pokes Jessica repeatedly
[9:50] (Jessica) eeeeeeeeeek!
[9:50] (Alek) <.<
[9:50] (pixelpusher) ohh cold soda would hit the spot right now lol
[9:50] (Acegirl) "soda'?
[9:50] (Acegirl) lol
[9:50] (Alek) u mean pop?
[9:50] Jessica is being poked repeatedly
[9:50] Acegirl giggles
[9:50] (kentuckygal28) I just had some pepsi
[9:50] (kentuckygal28) nope I mean soda
[9:50] (pixelpusher) i like diet coke
[9:51] … Joins: erica_alayne [~eoirktnsd@C181EF5C.7AE1C5F2.2CD3C899.IP]
[9:51] (Acegirl) Alek: are you canadian?
[9:51] (Alek) what iz soda
[9:51] (kentuckygal28) I dont drink beer ;) I’m a christian
[9:51] (Alek) nope
[9:51] Jessica throws Alek beer
[9:51] (Alek) yeah beer is only for sinners, duh
[9:51] (Acegirl) and you call it pop?!
[9:51] (Jessica) XD
[9:51] (yonairis) GOD bless you all
[9:51] (DCman) No when we say Soda we mean Soda!
[9:51] (Heather) soda pop! duh
[9:51] write2witness thinks everyone is from Canada
[9:51] (pixelpusher) i call it soda
[9:51] (Jessica) lol write2witness XD
[9:51] (Acegirl) write!?
[9:51] (kentuckygal28) Diet!! Yuck, however you will be have embalmed before you ever die so it will save money on funeral cost
[9:51] (erica_alayne) down south it’s all coke
[9:51] (write2witness) lol
[9:51] (pixelpusher) i was suppose to have a beer today but it didnt happen
[9:51] (write2witness) pix, i was too
[9:51] (write2witness) sadface
[9:51] (Alek) diet pop iz disgusting
[9:52] (Alek) blech
[9:52] (write2witness) oops, sorry
[9:52] (pixelpusher) lol kentucky… i have a medical condition and can’t have real sugar ok.. so zip it yung lady! lol
[9:52] (pixelpusher) ;)
[9:52] (Blind) I have a medical condition
[9:52] (Blind) <---
[9:52] (Alek) so you don't drink pop
[9:52] (Blind) Nope
[9:52] (Blind) I don't
[9:52] (kentuckygal28) LOL ewwww he called me young!!!! *hugs*
[9:52] (Blind) Bad for the eyes
[9:52] ... Quits: erica_alayne [~eoirktnsd@C181EF5C.7AE1C5F2.2CD3C899.IP] (Client exited)
[9:52] (write2witness) pop and me are no longer aquainted
[9:52] (Alek) never heard that one lol
[9:52] ... Quits: yonairis [~yszjxinhn@JesusRocksOnIrc-1AAF3644.l.sta.codetel.net.do] (Client exited)
[9:52] (pixelpusher) i have sugarnitis = gets too hyper on real sugar LOL
[9:52] (Acegirl) :o
[9:52] (Heather) bbiab
[9:52] (Heather) >.<
[9:52] (Alek) :O
[9:52] (pixelpusher) yaaay yungster lol
[9:52] (Alek) no dnt leaaaaaaaaaaaaave
[9:52] (Acegirl) <---- can't survive without her coke zero!
[9:52] ... Quits: Lady_Ema [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Lady_Ema)
[9:52] (Heather) I haf to!
[9:53] (Alek) dnt leave me!
[9:53] (Alek) why?!
[9:53] (write2witness) so i wonder, why would you drink a pop that had zero taste?
[9:53] (kentuckygal28) haha you get hyper!!!LMBO!!!
[9:53] Acegirl glares at write2witness
[9:53] (kentuckygal28) no offence but i have never seen a hyper adult LOL
[9:53] (write2witness) be brave, have a real pop
[9:53] (pixelpusher) no i’m kidding… i actually just prefer sugar substitutes at times.. like splenda
[9:53] (Acegirl) with all those caleries!?
[9:53] (Acegirl) calories
[9:53] (kentuckygal28) oh wait I do suppose I look in the mirrow
[9:53] (Acegirl) grrrr
[9:53] (write2witness) hey, live a little
[9:53] (Acegirl) epic fail
[9:53] (kentuckygal28) whoops mirror
[9:53] (Alek) splenda is gross
[9:53] (Heather) cause!
[9:53] (Heather) bbiab! :)
[9:53] (Alek) NO!
[9:53] (pixelpusher) well i like it ok lol
[9:53] (Alek) stay!
[9:53] (Alek) :P
[9:53] (Heather) <333333333
[9:53] (pixelpusher) bunch of punks in here 2nite... bashing me for my splenda.. shame on you! lol
[9:54] (Heather) no!
[9:54] ... Quits: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | <3)
[9:54] (Alek) Heather!
[9:54] (Alek) :O
[9:54] (write2witness) splenda bashers
[9:54] (pixelpusher) totally
[9:54] (Alek) noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[9:54] (write2witness) lol
[9:54] ... Quits: Jessica [~votmdnxai@67F7D143.DF0EB45D.BFF2D91F.IP] (Ping timeout)
[9:54] (kentuckygal28) HAHAHA pixel I am dying laughing
[9:54] (lala209) i like splenda
[9:54] (Acegirl) i'm not bashing you pixel :) Coke zero is made with Splenda too :D
[9:54] pixelpusher sits quietly in his corner drinking splenda infused drinks like a mad man
[9:54] (write2witness) lol
[9:54] (pixelpusher) yaaay ok acegirl
[9:54] (pixelpusher) i like you then haha
[9:54] (kentuckygal28) <<<*dances around saying I'm a punk I'm a punk*
[9:54] ... Quits: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[9:54] (pixelpusher) lol kentucky
[9:54] Acegirl is happy….pixel likes me :D
[9:54] (pixelpusher) brb seriously need food
[9:54] (kentuckygal28) splenda teehee
[9:55] (write2witness) he doesnt really know what he’s doing
[9:55] pixelpusher hugs all those who like splenda! haha
[9:55] (lala209) !seen jesse
[9:55] +(Bible) lala209, jesse was last seen quitting 3hrs 20mins 34secs ago with the message: Client exited
[9:55] (write2witness) too much splenda
[9:55] (lala209) ok
[9:55] (lala209) lol
[9:55] (kentuckygal28) seriously come wash all these blasted dishes in my sink, I dont wanna
[9:55] (write2witness) hi lala
[9:55] (write2witness) sorry, i have my own blasted dishes
[9:55] … Joins: Look [~votmdnxai@5AE50347.FA963FE1.48BEFFB7.IP]
[9:55] (lala209) hi writetowitness
[9:55] (pixelpusher) get to work young lady.. those dishes best be clean by the time i get back lol
[9:55] (pixelpusher) brb folks
[9:55] (HDFYAM|lost) wb Look
[9:56] … Nick: pixelpusher is now known as [pixel_brb]
[9:56] (Look) thanks :P
[9:56] … Nick: DCman is now known as [Coffee_man]
[9:56] (write2witness) should be splendapixel
[9:56] (kentuckygal28) oh no go away……….I dont have to listen to you, your like the bad man on my shoulder telling me to do terrible things
[9:56] Acegirl packs her backpack and sets off to “find” HDFYAM|lost
[9:56] … Nick: Look is now known as [Jessica]
[9:56] (write2witness) wb Jess, again
[9:56] (kentuckygal28) pixel_brb? Thats original LMBO
[9:56] (Jessica) lol thanks :P
[9:56] (Coffee_man) grabs his coffee and takes a drink
[9:57] (write2witness) i think i’ve had enough adventure for one day
[9:57] @(`Ruxpin) `Ruxpin hands everyone freshly brewed cups of coffee made from the best beans on earth |J|D |F|D |S|D |K|D |J|D |J|D |K|D |T|D |V|D |D|D |M|D |D|D FBDD | D|D – STARBUCKS -!!!!
[9:57] @(`Ruxpin) Come and get it while its hot!! here are some cups for the new drinkers! |C|D |H|D |T|D |R|D |S|D |C|D |B|D [K]D |L|D X D |K|D |F|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D
[9:57] (Acegirl) okay, i’m either going insane, or there’s a cat meowing outside of my window
[9:57] (bababa) Dinner is served
[9:57] Jessica is really cooold :S
[9:57] Acegirl starts a bonfire for Jessica
[9:57] (Acegirl) :D
[9:57] (kentuckygal28) mmmmmm coffee. Now thats whay I’m talkin bout
[9:58] (kentuckygal28) its not me Acegirl I swear
[9:58] (Alek) indeed
[9:58] (Alek) warm black coffee
[9:58] (Acegirl) huh?
[9:58] Jessica gets some marshmellow, cookies and chocolate
[9:58] (Jessica) mmmm
[9:58] Alek rolls his eyes
[9:58] (Alek) :P
[9:58] HDFYAM|lost throws eyes out the window
[9:58] (kentuckygal28) its not me mewing outside your window LOL
[9:58] (Acegirl) oh
[9:58] (Acegirl) !
[9:58] (Acegirl) duh!
[9:58] (Acegirl) sorry
[9:59] (Coffee_man) No must leave room for creamer & sugar!
[9:59] (Jessica) lol
[9:59] (kentuckygal28) me too coffee_man bring me some
[10:00] (kentuckygal28) ok I have to change my color I feel to feminine LOL
[10:00] (Coffee_man) Coffe to everyone who drinks it
[10:00] (Acegirl) too feminine?
[10:00] (kentuckygal28) ah thats better
[10:00] (Acegirl) is that even possible?
[10:00] (Acegirl) hey! cheater!
[10:00] (Acegirl) copy cat!
[10:00] (Acegirl) lol
[10:00] (kentuckygal28) oh crap thats too close
[10:00] (kentuckygal28) there
[10:01] (kentuckygal28) dang whats up with these colors anyway
[10:01] (Acegirl) much better :D
[10:01] (Acegirl) i like the pink though
[10:01] (Acegirl) <-----likes pink
[10:01] (Coffee_man) go pink ace
[10:01] (Acegirl) naw, i was pink for months
[10:01] (kentuckygal28) thought I was gonna get like Indigo or something
[10:01] (Acegirl) i've moved on from pink
[10:01] (Acegirl) i'm waaay past pink
[10:02] (Acegirl) in fact, i'm "pinked out"
[10:02] (kentuckygal28) I always hated pink growing up ...I was a tomboy LOL
[10:02] (Acegirl) i'm totally purple now
[10:02] ... ChanMode: rockwall-ish sets mode [-o rockwall-ish]
[10:02] (Coffee_man) then just wiggle your pinky like you just don't care!
[10:02] (kentuckygal28) you are Ace congrats
[10:02] Jessica nlinks
[10:02] Acegirl takes a bow
[10:02] (Jessica) lol
[10:03] (kentuckygal28) ewww i like your color coffee I think I will steal it
[10:03] (Coffee_man) hmm
[10:03] (Coffee_man) :O
[10:03] (kentuckygal28) it reminds me of…..coffee
[10:03] … Joins: Heather [~jdwhncjnh@JesusRocksOnIrc-302BB7F5.hsd1.il.comcast.net]
[10:03] (Coffee_man) ;)
[10:03] (Heather) nvm!
[10:03] (Heather) Alek :P
[10:03] (Heather) I’m back!
[10:03] (kentuckygal28) It is wrong to have this much fun
[10:03] `Ruxpin gives kentuckygal28 a mug of cappucino [~~]D
[10:03] (Alek) :D
[10:04] (Alek) welcome BACK!
[10:04] (kentuckygal28) I must be screwed up in the head
[10:04] (Heather) haha too tired to go out.. so staying in. ;)
[10:04] (LeoneXIII) you guys wanna hear something awesome?
[10:04] (Acegirl) :o `Ruxpin !!! i never get cappucino!!!!
[10:04] (Heather) THANKS!
[10:04] (Jessica) Heather!!!! :P
[10:04] (kentuckygal28) thankyou Rux I love cappucino *hugs*
[10:04] (Heather) Jessica! :)
[10:04] (kentuckygal28) yes Leone what is it?
[10:04] `Ruxpin gives Acegirl a mug of double esspresso cappucino mocha late [~~]D
[10:04] Acegirl storms off to the corner and pouts
[10:04] (Acegirl) better ;)
[10:04] (Acegirl) :D
[10:04] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o)
[10:04] (write2witness) lol
[10:04] (LeoneXIII) the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete, chanted by Kirill I, Patriarch of Moscow
[10:04] Alek huggles Heather & Jessica :P
[10:04] (LeoneXIII) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF-f9BNJzKA&feature=player_embedded
[10:05] (LeoneXIII) it’s a little out of season since it’s chanted at the start of Lent, and we’re nearly done with the Easter season now
[10:05] (LeoneXIII) but it’s still gorgeous
[10:05] (kentuckygal28) what the heck was that Leone. I thought we were supposed to speak english
[10:05] Heather huggles Alek back
[10:05] @(`Ruxpin) I love Lent, so fluffy, so fuzzy
[10:05] (LeoneXIII) hahaha i spoke English
[10:05] (LeoneXIII) `Ruxpin: that’s lint :P
[10:05] @(`Ruxpin) oh
[10:05] (kentuckygal28) sorry I dont listen to chanting
[10:05] (Coffee_man) O.k. have that color!
[10:05] (kentuckygal28) LOL
[10:05] (kentuckygal28) Haha Rux ROFL
[10:06] (kentuckygal28) haha coffee I cant see what your saying
[10:06] (kentuckygal28) better you poor baby?
[10:06] … Joins: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net]
[10:06] (Acegirl) wb Blind
[10:06] (Coffee_man) fine
[10:06] (Blind) I feel welcomed!
[10:06] (Acegirl) :D
[10:07] (rockwall-ish) heading to bed, night all
[10:07] (rockwall-ish) God Bless
[10:07] … Nick: rockwall-ish is now known as [rockwall^away]
[10:07] (Coffee_man) better yet!
[10:07] (kentuckygal28) goodnight rockwall
[10:07] (Acegirl) night rocky!
[10:07] (kentuckygal28) God bless and keep you
[10:08] (write2witness) bye rockman
[10:08] (write2witness) God bless rockster
[10:08] (write2witness) have a good night rockmiester
[10:08] (write2witness) later
[10:10] … Quits: Coffee_man [~zoetfkemc@JesusRocksOnIrc-535E824A.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com] (Client exited)
[10:10] (write2witness) man i sure stopped the convo with that one
[10:10] (write2witness) lol
[10:10] (lala209) lol da da da dang jus read wat was on facebook this mornin lol
[10:10] (kentuckygal28) oh coffee’s gone :(
[10:10] (kentuckygal28) Somebody make another pot :)
[10:10] `Ruxpin heads off to be
[10:10] (Blind) And what might that have been, lala209?
[10:10] @(`Ruxpin) `Ruxpin hands everyone freshly brewed cups of coffee made from the best beans on earth |J|D |F|D |S|D |K|D |J|D |J|D |K|D |T|D |V|D |D|D |M|D |D|D FBDD | D|D – STARBUCKS -!!!!
[10:10] @(`Ruxpin) Come and get it while its hot!! here are some cups for the new drinkers! |C|D |H|D |T|D |R|D |S|D |C|D |B|D [K]D |L|D X D |K|D |F|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D
[10:11] (LeoneXIII) i don’t want coffee
[10:11] (kentuckygal28) Starbucks BLECK!!
[10:11] (LeoneXIII) could i perhaps have another…erm…brewed beverage?
[10:11] (kentuckygal28) no thanks
[10:11] (Blind) I don’t drink coffee
[10:11] `Ruxpin gives LeoneXIII a mug of green tea [~~]D
[10:11] (LeoneXIII) hmm
[10:11] (Jessica) wooow
[10:11] (Jessica) pretty colors :P
[10:11] (LeoneXIII) perhaps one that comes in a green bottle….
[10:11] (LeoneXIII) and is brewed a tad longer…
[10:11] @(`Ruxpin) ¶:o/
[10:12] (kentuckygal28) haha jessica thats good coming from someone color blind
[10:12] (pixel_brb) k im back
[10:12] (kentuckygal28) Hi BACK how are you?
[10:12] … Nick: pixel_brb is now known as [pixelpusher]
[10:12] (pixelpusher) i’m good
[10:13] (Jessica) color blind??? O_O
[10:13] (Blind) At least you’re not all blind
[10:13] (kentuckygal28) Jess didnt you know you were using pink for your font?
[10:13] … Joins: shelybean1 [~fgocuykwl@849BAA0A.630059AA.B4AFA122.IP]
[10:13] (pixelpusher) yah kentuckyfriedchicken gal over here stole my font color
[10:13] (kentuckygal28) hehe pixel you left you forfeited your right LOL
[10:13] (Jessica) pink?? O_O
[10:14] (pixelpusher) haha silly
[10:14] (kentuckygal28) ROFL I cant breath
[10:14] (kentuckygal28) or breathe either
[10:14] (pixelpusher) woman.. you’ve had to much sugar today lol
[10:14] @(`Ruxpin) `Ruxpin hands everyone freshly brewed cups of coffee made from the best beans on earth |J|D |F|D |S|D |K|D |J|D |J|D |K|D |T|D |V|D |D|D |M|D |D|D FBDD | D|D – STARBUCKS -!!!!
[10:14] @(`Ruxpin) Come and get it while its hot!! |C|D |H|D |T|D |R|D |S|D |C|D |B|D [K]D |L|D X D |K|D |A|D here are some blank cups for the new drinkers! |F|D |-|D |-|D |-|D |-|D
[10:14] (kentuckygal28) :P
[10:14] (Thane^Away) RUXPIN
[10:14] (write2witness) y’all like teal or something?
[10:14] @(`Ruxpin) thane?
[10:14] (kentuckygal28) Sorry pixel I do not have ADHD
[10:14] @(`Ruxpin) I’m heading to bed now, just wanted to fix an error
[10:14] (kentuckygal28) hahahahah
[10:15] (kentuckygal28) bye Rux good night
[10:15] (Thane^Away) RUXPIN
[10:15] (Jessica) they copied me write2witness :P
[10:15] (Thane^Away) RUXPIN
[10:15] (kentuckygal28) have a marvelous weekend
[10:15] @(`Ruxpin) yeah Dunkin….I get it
[10:15] (Thane^Away) … that’s not me
[10:15] @(`Ruxpin) Laughs Out Loud
[10:15] (Thane^Away) RUXPIN
[10:15] Jessica pokes Alek
[10:15] @(`Ruxpin) do you want something Thane^Away?
[10:15] (Jessica) eeeek!
[10:15] (Jessica) i think i killed him :S
[10:15] `Ruxpin gives Thane^Away a mug of dunkin donut coffee [~~]D
[10:15] (kentuckygal28) teehee
[10:15] (Jessica) oh well XD
[10:16] (Thane^Away) no… that wasn’t me, although I appreciate the Dunkin coffee :P
[10:16] (write2witness) dunkin donut coffee?
[10:16] (write2witness) hi Thane old boy
[10:16] @(`Ruxpin) irc.jesusrocksonirc.net- *** Notice — Thane^Away used SAJOIN to make `Ruxpin join #DunkinDonutsCoffee_
[10:16] (kentuckygal28) awww dont be sore pixel I was just kiddin’ *hugs*
[10:16] (Thane^Away) psssssssssssssssssssssst `Ruxpin
[10:16] … Quits: `Ruxpin [~123@cia.gov] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | bye!)
[10:16] (Jessica) donut mmmmmmmmmmm
[10:16] (Jessica) bleh im hungry now XD
[10:16] (LeoneXIII) !seen BobbieJayne
[10:16] +(Bible) LeoneXIII, BobbieJayne was last seen leaving #jroi 1day 18hrs 40mins 26secs ago
[10:16] (LeoneXIII) hmmm
[10:16] (LeoneXIII) so sad i missed her
[10:16] … Quits: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[10:17] … Quits: shelybean1 [~fgocuykwl@849BAA0A.630059AA.B4AFA122.IP] (Client exited)
[10:17] (Jessica) guess whaaaaaat!!
[10:17] (Jessica) :D
[10:17] (Heather) 0.0
[10:17] (Alek) :O
[10:17] (Alek) chicken butt?
[10:17] (kentuckygal28) what?
[10:17] (kentuckygal28) no no Alek its chicken squat put it on bread and eat it hot LOL
[10:18] (Heather) :)
[10:18] (Heather) soo cute
[10:18] (Heather) I like it
[10:18] (Thane^Away) o_O
[10:19] (Heather) 0.0
[10:19] … Quits: lala209 [~lyeklqzim@33C56977.6515C1A0.97CE360A.IP] (Ping timeout)
[10:19] (kentuckygal28) ok Jessica are you trying to get our suspence up or what?
[10:19] … Quits: Jessica [~votmdnxai@5AE50347.FA963FE1.48BEFFB7.IP] (Ping timeout)
[10:19] (Heather) grr
[10:19] (Alek) :O
[10:19] (Heather) HAHA
[10:19] (Alek) =[
[10:19] (Heather) oh yeah
[10:19] (Heather) def
[10:19] (Thane^Away) ping!
[10:19] (Alek) shut up u
[10:20] (Heather) :P denial! that is what it is called!
[10:20] (Alek) hush uP!!!!
[10:20] … Joins: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net]
[10:20] (Alek) who asked u?!
[10:20] (Blind) I did
[10:20] (Heather) Just tell it as it is
[10:20] (Blind) Yeah
[10:20] (Heather) hate me all you want :)
[10:20] (Blind) Do it
[10:20] (Heather) but in the end… I’m right
[10:20] (Blind) She is
[10:20] (Heather) :) simple as that
[10:20] (Blind) Yep
[10:20] (Thane^Away) persimmons and parsnips
[10:20] (Heather) haha Blind!
[10:21] (Heather) I like you
[10:21] (Blind) :D
[10:21] … Joins: CuteCowboy [~vwqtbnkuf@DC6E3D27.95BAB646.C704E44F.IP]
[10:21] (HDFYAM|lost) it’s a Heather
[10:21] (Blind) Almost always nice to be liked
[10:21] (HDFYAM|lost) :O’s
[10:21] (Heather) wb CuteCowboy
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) wth
[10:21] … Nick: HDFYAM|lost is now known as [HeDiedForYouandMe]
[10:21] (Heather) :)
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) none of my friends are here
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) wth is gonig on
[10:21] (HeDiedForYouandMe) CuteCowboy watch ur accroyms
[10:21] (Heather) lol Ben
[10:21] (HeDiedForYouandMe) CuteCowboy
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) second day in a row
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) really tickin me off
[10:21] (Thane^Away) bubblegum froot loop trailer
[10:21] (CuteCowboy) srry
[10:21] … Joins: lostmale [~stwrsivpt@JesusRocksOnIrc-3ABE9949.ronkva.east.verizon.net]
[10:22] (Heather) bubblegum froot loop trailer?
[10:22] (Heather) o.0
[10:22] (Heather) don’t think I follow that one
[10:22] (Thane^Away) cat robinson
[10:22] (lostmale) Hell all
[10:22] (Blind) Maybe it’s a code for something…
[10:22] (HeDiedForYouandMe) lostmale…
[10:22] CuteCowboy is sad
[10:22] (HeDiedForYouandMe) ur missing an o
[10:22] (HeDiedForYouandMe) ;)
[10:22] (kentuckygal28) why cowboy?
[10:22] (Thane^Away) speaker phone to the leaf
[10:22] (CuteCowboy) none of my friends are online
[10:23] (Blind) We know
[10:23] (Peanut) have you considered having friends in real life?
[10:23] (Blind) Always an option
[10:23] (LeoneXIII) hahaha
[10:23] (Heather) A<3s J, J<3s A SOO CUTE!
[10:23] (Blind) eh?
[10:23] (Heather) someone will know what I am talking about :)
[10:24] (kentuckygal28) I'm sorry. I will talk to you but I am just a boring married woman
[10:24] (Thane^Away) readable words to the elephant
[10:24] (Thane^Away) readable words to the elephant
[10:24] ... Quits: D_Link [D_Link@JesusRocksOnIrc-5A327BB7.dsl.dyn.forthnet.gr] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net |)
[10:25] (lostmale) Has anyone been threw a divorce ?
[10:25] ... Joins: Diego [~gbhijwvng@8A2F2310.EE16E6D6.5B321679.IP]
[10:25] (Blind) I'm not sure you can throw a divorce
[10:25] (Thane^Away) dandelions!
[10:25] (Peanut) hahaha
[10:25] (Heather) Hi Diego
[10:25] (Peanut) i spose.. you could throw divorce papers..
[10:26] (Blind) You're Spose?
[10:26] (Blind) You're awesome...
[10:26] (Peanut) suppose
[10:26] (Heather) lol
[10:26] (Thane^Away) dandelions!
[10:27] (Peanut) thats a song by audioslave
[10:27] (Diego) Hi Heather, how are you
[10:27] (Thane^Away) free the audio slave!
[10:27] (Heather) I am great, How are you?
[10:27] ... Joins: Jessica [~votmdnxai@5AE50347.FA963FE1.48BEFFB7.IP]
[10:27] (Peanut) Thane^Away, are you ok :P
[10:27] (Jessica) 23
[10:27] (Alek) welcome back Jessica :)
[10:27] (Diego) i am ok
[10:28] (Blind) He's taken to repeating the sayings of others.
[10:28] (write2witness) hey Diego
[10:28] (Jessica) thank youuu!!
[10:28] (write2witness) wb Jess
[10:28] (Diego) hey w2
[10:28] (Jessica) thanks write2witness !!!! :D
[10:28] (write2witness) yw
[10:28] (Heather) :)
[10:28] ... Quits: lostmale [~stwrsivpt@JesusRocksOnIrc-3ABE9949.ronkva.east.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[10:28] (Heather) my partner in crime is not here Diego :/
[10:28] (Thane^Away) he"s taken to repeating the sayings of others
[10:29] (Peanut) lol
[10:29] (Blind) One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings. Diogenes of Sinope.
[10:29] (Jessica) crime!??
[10:29] (Blind) Think for yourself
[10:29] (Jessica) O_O
[10:29] (Heather) yep :P
[10:29] (Blind) And if you're smart you'll get the irony there
[10:29] (CuteCowboy) Awwww wittle jessica
[10:29] (Diego) um wicth one of your partners, steel or your twin sister
[10:29] (Diego) wich
[10:29] (Thane^Away) fruitbats and alfalfa, Thane of chat :P
[10:30] (Heather) LOL both! :(
[10:30] (Diego) lol
[10:30] (Heather) but I was talking about Steel
[10:30] (Jessica) CuteCowboy: !!!!! :D
[10:30] (Diego) oh
[10:30] (Heather) heatherrr is my stunt double
[10:30] (Heather) :)
[10:30] (Jessica) lol
[10:30] (Jessica) :S
[10:30] (Diego) lol, she sed the same thing abouth you
[10:30] (Jessica) so were do i fit in Heather !!!! O_O
[10:30] (Jessica) ouch
[10:30] (Jessica) XD
[10:30] (Heather) you are my bfffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:31] (Heather) :D
[10:31] (Alek) lulz
[10:31] (Jessica) :D :D:D:D
[10:31] (Jessica) *happiness*
[10:31] (Thane^Away) kind faced skunks bring lame geese to Aristophanes for piano lessons
[10:31] (LeoneXIII) Aristophanes is my favorite :P
[10:31] (Jessica) lol
[10:31] (Heather) lol I was going to say fav.. but I will NEVER hear the end of it
[10:31] (Heather) :P
[10:31] (LeoneXIII) of the Greek playwrights that is
[10:32] (Heather) plus, I kinda have to tell Alek he is my fav -.- or he will cry like a little gurl
[10:32] (Heather) girl*
[10:32] (Thane^Away) he's taken to repeating the sayings of others
[10:32] (Alek) but u know itz true :P
[10:32] (Alek) right?!
[10:32] (Heather) LOL
[10:33] (Blind) Thane you are so disappointing
[10:33] (Heather) maybe.....
[10:34] (Thane^Away) playing cards may seen to offer acceptable odds, but the swans never cease to migrate in fall
[10:34] (Heather) 0.0
[10:34] (Alek) who repeats
[10:34] (Acegirl) O_O
[10:34] (Alek) the sayings of others
[10:34] (Heather) you!
[10:35] (Alek) O.o
[10:35] (Thane^Away) to bet on something sure is no bet at all; rather, it is relieving the gullible of their property, while incurring no cost of your own. And squirrels dance the macarena while rocks erode in June.
[10:35] ... Joins: jroi-user_1168 [~gmedktupa@JesusRocksOnIrc-71139AF7.lns11.cha.bigpond.net.au]
[10:36] ... Quits: jroi-user_1168 [~gmedktupa@JesusRocksOnIrc-71139AF7.lns11.cha.bigpond.net.au] (Client exited)
[10:36] (Jessica) silence O_O
[10:36] (Jessica) lol
[10:36] (Jessica) whoops
[10:36] (Thane^Away) dot
[10:36] (Jessica) i didnt do it :P
[10:36] (LeoneXIII) zzzz
[10:37] (Thane^Away) yyyy
[10:37] (LeoneXIII) break the silence with some soothing Russian penitential music
[10:37] (LeoneXIII) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF-f9BNJzKA&feature=player_embedded
[10:37] (Heather) lol Jessica
[10:37] Jessica turns on the radio and puts volume 100 on FEVER FF5
[10:37] (Jessica) :P
[10:38] (Jessica) shhh!!
[10:38] (Jessica) lol
[10:38] Thane^Away unplugs the radio, steals the cord, hits the circuit breaker, and then powers down that section of the grid
[10:38] (Jessica) O_O
[10:38] (Thane^Away) NO BIEBER, EVER
[10:38] (Heather) 0.0
[10:38] (Jessica) O_O bieber??
[10:38] (Jessica) whaaaaaaaaaaat??
[10:38] … Quits: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] (Client exited)
[10:38] (Thane^Away) you turned his “music” on
[10:38] (Jessica) psh noooo never maan!
[10:38] (LeoneXIII) zzz
[10:38] (Jessica) FF5!!
[10:38] (Thane^Away) at 100 decibles
[10:38] (Heather) lol
[10:38] (Peanut) bieber is the anti christ
[10:39] Acegirl facepalms
[10:39] (Jessica) lol
[10:39] (LeoneXIII) hahahaha
[10:39] (Acegirl) don’t dish on the Biebs
[10:39] (Thane^Away) no, bieber is just sad
[10:39] Jessica eats Peanut
[10:39] (LeoneXIII) we don’t need Bieber when we have the soothing penitential music of the Russian Church
[10:39] (Acegirl) ?!
[10:39] (Thane^Away) hmmm, who was that guy that won american idol? the teen who did country?
[10:39] (Acegirl) i’ll take the Biebs thanks LeoneXIII
[10:39] (Acegirl) Scotty!
[10:39] (Thane^Away) some lady told me today he looks like me
[10:40] (Thane^Away) poor guy :P
[10:40] (Jessica) Thane^Away: !!!
[10:40] (LeoneXIII) um
[10:40] (Jessica) i put on FF5!!!!
[10:40] (LeoneXIII) you’d take Justin Bieber over ancient hymns meant to lift the spirit to God?
[10:40] … Joins: jroi-user_5251 [~fsiosovmo@JesusRocksOnIrc-CD74F97C.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net]
[10:40] (Acegirl) yep.
[10:40] (Thane^Away) o_O
[10:40] (LeoneXIII) wow…
[10:40] (Acegirl) <----is not a fan of Russian music
[10:40] (LeoneXIII) <------is not a fan of Acegirl ;)
[10:40] (Acegirl) put a few hymns to some modern music and we'll talk ;)
[10:41] (Jessica) Family Force 5............. FEVER!!
[10:41] (Jessica) lol
[10:41] (Jessica) XD
[10:41] (Jessica) slooow Thane^Away :P
[10:41] (LeoneXIII) modern music?
[10:41] (LeoneXIII) gross
[10:41] (Thane^Away) I'm no fan of the style of old russian penitent hymns, but I'd choose them over bieber any day
[10:41] (Acegirl) :o
[10:41] (Acegirl) LeoneXIII: !!!! so because i don't share the same taste in music as you you suddenly don't like me?
[10:41] (Thane^Away) heheh, someone didn't know about the horror that is justin bieber until hearing about us making fun of him on here :P
[10:41] (HeDiedForYouandMe) Scotty Thane^Away
[10:42] (HeDiedForYouandMe) Thane^Away no ty HeDiedForYouandMe? :(
[10:42] (Acegirl) yeah, and Thane^Away ? i really wish you wouldn't
[10:42] HeDiedForYouandMe scowls at Thane^Away and pouts and gives puppy lip look at Thane^Away
[10:42] (LeoneXIII) i
[10:42] (LeoneXIII) was
[10:42] (LeoneXIII) joking
[10:42] (Thane^Away) HeDiedForYouandMe, yeah, someone said I look just like Scotty.. I replied, “No, I’m older, so Scotty looks like me… poor guy.”
[10:42] (LeoneXIII) …
[10:42] (Jessica) lol
[10:42] (HeDiedForYouandMe) :P
[10:42] (LeoneXIII) from now on i’m going to be completely straightforward so that no one ever mistakes anything i say
[10:42] (HeDiedForYouandMe) mine finished fourth :P
[10:42] … Joins: Mandy [~ehdecjoso@JesusRocksOnIrc-EAA55A89.dsl.sndg02.sbcglobal.net]
[10:43] … Quits: jroi-user_5251 [~fsiosovmo@JesusRocksOnIrc-CD74F97C.dsl.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] (Client exited)
[10:43] (Mandy) What{s up_
[10:43] Peanut looks up
[10:43] (LeoneXIII) hi Mandy
[10:43] (Thane^Away) inflation, price of gasoline, price of tea in china, and my ceiling
[10:43] (Mandy) Hii
[10:43] (HeDiedForYouandMe) and me about to jump on Heather for ignoring me
[10:44] HeDiedForYouandMe jumps on to Heather’s head
[10:44] (Mandy) how r u
[10:44] (Heather) 0.0
[10:44] (Heather) HOLD ON!
[10:44] (Heather) :P
[10:44] (HeDiedForYouandMe) I haz ADHD dont tell me to hold on
[10:44] (HeDiedForYouandMe) :P
[10:44] (Heather) lol
[10:44] (Heather) there happy!
[10:45] (LeoneXIII) Acegirl?
[10:45] (Acegirl) yes?
[10:46] (Thane^Away) mdidcded hdadvded tdhdrdeded ldedgdsd
[10:46] (Mandy) soooo…
[10:46] (Thane^Away) ooo
[10:46] (Thane^Away) ….
[10:46] (Thane^Away) pickles
[10:47] (Thane^Away) jam
[10:47] (Thane^Away) pop
[10:47] … Quits: Mandy [~ehdecjoso@JesusRocksOnIrc-EAA55A89.dsl.sndg02.sbcglobal.net] (Client exited)
[10:47] (write2witness) gross
[10:47] (LeoneXIII) did you get my PM?
[10:47] (Thane^Away) stuff posing random eggplant rat three yellow tealeaf treat speaker mat bike
[10:47] (Acegirl) yes
[10:47] (Thane^Away) stuff posing as meat
[10:48] (Thane^Away) trout
[10:48] (write2witness) this conversation is making me want to go to the bathroom
[10:48] (write2witness) brb
[10:48] (Jessica) O_O
[10:48] (Jessica) lol
[10:48] (Alek) what the heck are you talking about
[10:48] (Jessica) pickles :P
[10:48] (Jessica) and jam and pop
[10:48] (Heather) 0.0
[10:48] (Jessica) lol
[10:48] (Heather) and other stuff :P
[10:48] (Thane^Away) bayou of the renessaince
[10:49] (Thane^Away) yawn
[10:49] (LeoneXIII) and?
[10:49] … Joins: heatherrr [~iedkqyejn@JesusRocksOnIrc-35E380F4.lightspeed.jcvlfl.sbcglobal.net]
[10:49] (Alek) hush foolz :P
[10:49] (Thane^Away) more yawning
[10:49] (Heather) HAHA oh no you didn’t! *snaps*
[10:49] Thane^Away yawns
[10:49] (Heather) Don’t make me go Shanaynay on you
[10:49] (heatherrr) helloooo
[10:49] (write2witness) hey heatherrr, the lady with the rrrrreally big heart
[10:49] (Heather) Lance would have loved that
[10:49] (LeoneXIII) Acegirl: and?
[10:49] (Heather) hi heatherrr
[10:49] (Heather) :)
[10:49] (Thane^Away) ::YAWN
[10:50] (Acegirl) and what?!
[10:50] (Thane^Away) ::YAWN::
[10:50] (Heather) you will appreciate it too!
[10:50] (heatherrr) hey write2witness
[10:50] (LeoneXIII) and what do you say to that?
[10:50] (heatherrr) and hey Heather
[10:50] (Heather) :)
[10:50] (Acegirl) i don’t
[10:50] (LeoneXIII) you don’t what
[10:50] Jessica puts a banana into Thane^Away ‘s yawning mouth
[10:50] (Jessica) :P
[10:50] (write2witness) she dont wanna answer you
[10:50] (heatherrr) write2witness: why do u say what?
[10:50] (heatherrr) that*
[10:51] (write2witness) huh?
[10:51] (LeoneXIII) …
[10:51] (LeoneXIII) oh well
[10:51] (LeoneXIII) i tried
[10:51] (write2witness) lol
[10:51] (heatherrr) nevermind
[10:51] (heatherrr) lol
[10:51] (write2witness) ok Thane, we get your tired
[10:51] (Acegirl) why don’t you go to bed silly?
[10:51] Jessica smacks Thane^Away with a pillow
[10:51] (Heather) lol
[10:51] (write2witness) hed rather just type it
[10:51] Thane^Away turns the pillow into a yawn
[10:51] (Jessica) O_O
[10:51] (Jessica) bleh
[10:51] (Acegirl) okay, now you’re making ME yawn!
[10:51] (Acegirl) knock it off!
[10:52] (Thane^Away) besides, someone else started this, I’m just passing it yawn
[10:52] (Jessica) plop!
[10:52] (Peanut) lol
[10:52] Acegirl rolls her eyes at Thane^Away while she yawns
[10:52] (Acegirl) grrr!!!!
[10:52] (write2witness) passing a yawn along, eh?
[10:52] (heatherrr) hey Jessica
[10:52] (kentuckygal28) Thane….hmmm…I like that name
[10:52] (Thane^Away) yup yup yup thats what you do with them
[10:52] (heatherrr) pixelpusher: pixelpusher pixelpusher pixelpusher pixelpusher
[10:53] Thane^Away rolls Acegirl’s eyes back to her
[10:53] Jessica yawns
[10:53] (write2witness) great
[10:53] (Acegirl) stop it! you’re all making me yawn
[10:53] write2witness refuses to ywn
[10:53] (write2witness) yawn even
[10:53] (Thane^Away) its good for you feeds your brain
[10:54] (write2witness) or something
[10:54] (Thane^Away) oh, go yawn and yawn, write2witness, you know you yawnt to
[10:54] (Jessica) heatherrr: !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D D:D
[10:54] write2witness holds his breath, shakes his head
[10:54] (Acegirl) uh
[10:54] (Acegirl) uh!
[10:54] (Acegirl) he’s gonna do it!
[10:54] write2witness falls over, then yawns
[10:54] (Acegirl) lol
[10:54] (Acegirl) success!
[10:55] (Acegirl) my eyes are actually watering now from yawning
[10:55] (Jessica) lol!!
[10:55] Thane^Away YAWNS again
[10:55] (Jessica) pooor write2witness :P
[10:55] (LeoneXIII) i’m out folks
[10:55] (LeoneXIII) good night and God bless
[10:55] (heatherrr) lol hey Jessica
[10:55] (write2witness) bye Leone
[10:55] (Thane^Away) night, LeoneXIII, don’t YAWN
[10:55] (Thane^Away) :P
[10:55] (Jessica) ssup heatherrr :P
[10:56] … Quits: LeoneXIII [~ftwnjsren@JesusRocksOnIrc-3AB90DB.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] (Client exited)
[10:56] (heatherrr) nothing just done with homework
[10:56] (Jessica) cool :D
[10:56] (heatherrr) whats up with you?
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) I have no hw til the fall semester
[10:57] … Joins: Blessed [~kbwghhpfd@JesusRocksOnIrc-2CAEC9F1.asm.bellsouth.net]
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) I winz!
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) D:
[10:57] (Thane^Away) BEN
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) Thane^Away
[10:57] (write2witness) hi Blessed
[10:57] (Thane^Away) ihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihih
[10:57] (Jessica) not much just pming lol XD
[10:57] (Alek) bbl
[10:57] (write2witness) pm me
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) dont hurry back Alek
[10:57] (HeDiedForYouandMe) :P
[10:57] (write2witness) sadface
[10:57] … Joins: lala209 [~lyeklqzim@33C56977.6515C1A0.97CE360A.IP]
[10:57] (heatherrr) im the dummy who chose to take summer classes again
[10:57] (write2witness) wb lala
[10:58] (lala209) im here lol
[10:58] (Thane^Away) why do you do that to yourself
[10:58] (Blessed) hey
[10:58] heatherrr kicks herself
[10:58] (Thane^Away) BLESSED
[10:58] (Blessed) heatherrr what grade are you in?
[10:58] (heatherrr) im a junior in college
[10:58] (Blessed) thane?
[10:58] (Thane^Away) hmm?
[10:58] (Thane^Away) yes?
[10:58] (write2witness) uh huh
[10:58] (Blessed) well look at the bright side you get to go to college
[10:58] (Jessica) O_O
[10:59] (lala209) !seen jesse
[10:59] +(Bible) lala209, jesse was last seen quitting 4hrs 24mins 25secs ago with the message: Client exited
[10:59] HeDiedForYouandMe hops
[10:59] (pixelpusher) hey heatherrr how’s it going
[10:59] … Parts: HeDiedForYouandMe [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[10:59] … Joins: HeDiedForYouandMe [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[10:59] @(JROI) [HeDiedForYouandMe] .time a at message subliminal one word the take over to going is Benjamin
[10:59] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+o HeDiedForYouandMe]
[10:59] (Jessica) whyd you do thaaat heatherrr ??? O_O
[10:59] (Blessed) Thane^Away: you called me lol
[10:59] (pixelpusher) argggh need to turn on my play sound feature again
[10:59] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) xD
[10:59] (Thane^Away) I did?
[10:59] Thane^Away steals Peanut’s shoes
[10:59] (Blessed) yup you said BLESSED um that is me lol
[10:59] (Peanut) :O
[10:59] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) I’ll give someone a custom song if they can figure out what I said
[10:59] write2witness takes Linus’ blanket
[10:59] (Thane^Away) um… okay, howdy?
[10:59] (lala209) who likesbay area rap and knos mac dre
[10:59] (Peanut) give those back
[10:59] (Blessed) i never got to go to college
[11:00] (pixelpusher) mac dre didn’t that guy die
[11:00] (lala209) yea he got shot
[11:00] (Blessed) and i sucked big time at school
[11:00] (heatherrr) i did it so i could get ahaed in classes Blessed and Jessica
[11:00] (write2witness) was that english?
[11:00] Thane^Away gives Peanut’s shoes to HeDiedForYouandMe
[11:00] (Peanut) i dont think they’ll go with his outfit
[11:00] (Blessed) well heatherrr i wish i was as smart as you
[11:00] (Thane^Away) no no no, he’s to tie them together and use them as a scarf
[11:00] heatherrr is NOT that smart
[11:00] HeDiedForYouandMe hands them back to Peanut
[11:01] (CuteCowboy) heather is very smart
[11:01] (Peanut) that would hurt
[11:01] (CuteCowboy) both heathers
[11:01] (Peanut) thanks HeDiedForYouandMe
[11:01] (Blessed) well i missed 6 years of school so um yeah you are
[11:01] write2witness whistles for Snoopy
[11:01] (pixelpusher) heatherrr is very smart indeed :)
[11:01] Jessica sneaks up to Blessed, smacks him with a goldfish and runs away
[11:01] (heatherrr) ty CuteCowboy.. thats sweet
[11:01] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) yw Peanut
[11:01] (Thane^Away) BLESSED
[11:01] (heatherrr) awee ty pixelpusher
[11:01] (Peanut) im listening to Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris sing I’ve just seen Jesus… wow!
[11:01] (Thane^Away) BLESSED
[11:01] (Blessed) Thane^Away: no coment
[11:01] (CuteCowboy) i try to be sweet
[11:01] (CuteCowboy) i need a hug
[11:01] (Thane^Away) you need a hug
[11:01] (Peanut) Thane^Away is a great hugger
[11:01] (Blessed) Jessica: behave or else
[11:02] (Thane^Away) okay, who’s on my name? o_O
[11:02] (Jessica) or else whaaa? XD
[11:02] (Jessica) :P
[11:02] heatherrr hugs CuteCowboy
[11:02] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) not me Thane^Away
[11:02] @(HeDiedForYouandMe) :P
[11:02] … Nick: HeDiedForYouandMe is now known as [Thane]
[11:02] @(Thane) :P
[11:02] (Acegirl) alright, i’m in a fowl mood so i’m off to bed
[11:02] (Blessed) Jessica: or else you will have to live the rest of your life with thane who is always away
[11:02] (Thane^Away) me. i am somewhere…maybe….no…here….
[11:02] (Jessica) lol
[11:02] @(Thane) :P
[11:02] … Quits: Thane [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP] (NickServ (GHOST command used by Thane^Away))
[11:02] (write2witness) again?
[11:02] (Jessica) i dont mind XD
[11:02] (Blessed) lol
[11:03] (write2witness) lol
[11:03] (Peanut) haha
[11:03] … Joins: Ben [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[11:03] @(JROI) [Ben] .time a at message subliminal one word the take over to going is Benjamin
[11:03] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+o Ben]
[11:03] (Blessed) me either im moving in to
[11:03] @(Ben) :P
[11:03] (Thane^Away) serves you right, Ben
[11:03] … Parts: Acegirl [~chpudwlnz@7CDB7DAD.E1795393.79A477D5.IP]
[11:03] … Joins: kat39 [~gskwgcwcq@JesusRocksOnIrc-91E6C14F.cfl.res.rr.com]
[11:03] @(Ben) Thane^Away you know I couldnt resist :P
[11:03] (Thane^Away) yup yup yup
[11:03] (Thane^Away) o.O
[11:03] … Parts: kat39 [~gskwgcwcq@JesusRocksOnIrc-91E6C14F.cfl.res.rr.com]
[11:03] (Blessed) throws Thane^Away at ben
[11:03] Jessica skips around the room smacking people with bananas
[11:03] (Jessica) :P
[11:03] (write2witness) hey, quit it
[11:03] Ben ducks
[11:03] (Blessed) me tarzan u jane :)
[11:03] (Thane^Away) Ben you seen dif?
[11:03] (Jessica) lol
[11:03] (write2witness) i just washed my hair
[11:03] (Blessed) write2witness: has hair lol
[11:04] (Blessed) its a wig
[11:04] (Jessica) ROFL
[11:04] (write2witness) ayah, a lot more than you probably
[11:04] @(Ben) Thane^Away nope
[11:04] (Blessed) dougbtful i go to mr rays hair weave
[11:04] (lala209) my eyes are drowsy lol
[11:04] … Joins: jroi-user_8556 [~wixjoijyp@JesusRocksOnIrc-854C4580.tx.res.rr.com]
[11:04] (Jessica) bad bad Blessed XD
[11:04] @(Ben) !seen puff
[11:04] @(JROI) puff was last seen here 3 days, 5 hours, 50 minutes ago.
[11:04] +(Bible) Ben, puff was last seen quitting 3days 5hrs 50mins 47secs ago with the message: Client exited
[11:04] @(Ben) :(
[11:04] … Joins: Eli [~Eli@JesusRocksOnIrc-66E5F7B.hsd1.in.comcast.net]
[11:04] (Blessed) !seen write2witness hair?
[11:04] +(Bible) write2witness is currently on the channel.
[11:04] … Quits: Eli [~Eli@JesusRocksOnIrc-66E5F7B.hsd1.in.comcast.net] (Broken pipe)
[11:04] Thane^Away blames dif for the weird things being said
[11:05] … Joins: Eli [~Eli@JesusRocksOnIrc-66E5F7B.hsd1.in.comcast.net]
[11:05] (Blessed) notes write2witness looks alot like Cousin It
[11:05] (Eli) :P
[11:05] (Eli) hey hey hey
[11:05] (Thane^Away) hihihihihihihihihi
[11:05] Blessed ties write2witness to his chair with all his hair
[11:06] … Quits: jroi-user_8556 [~wixjoijyp@JesusRocksOnIrc-854C4580.tx.res.rr.com] (Client exited)
[11:06] (Blessed) puts gum in write2witness hair
[11:06] Thane^Away attacks BEAR hugs the room
[11:06] (Blessed) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[11:06] … Joins: tron [~IceChat7@D0FC9038.7E22D25D.6DE0B933.IP]
[11:06] (Eli) y so quiet ?
[11:06] (Thane^Away) acpth
[11:06] (Thane^Away) who did that?
[11:06] Blessed sprays down write2witness with 20 cans of silly string
[11:06] (Blessed) :D
[11:07] … Quits: Eli [~Eli@JesusRocksOnIrc-66E5F7B.hsd1.in.comcast.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Bookmark Chat and Come Back |)
[11:07] (Blessed) see i have skills
[11:07] Jessica eats her chocolate and reads
[11:07] (tron) howdy
[11:07] (Blessed) Jessica: i cant rea dthats why i love to chat
[11:07] (Thane^Away) o_O
[11:07] (Blessed) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[11:07] (Blessed) weeeeeee weeeeeeee weeeeeeeee all the way home
[11:07] (Jessica) lol
[11:08] tron taps his monitor to see if it stuck
[11:08] (Jessica) and aparently you cant type either Blessed XD
[11:08] (Jessica) :P
[11:08] Blessed moon walks all the way home
[11:08] (tron) ;-p
[11:08] @(Ben) notice Thane^Away what
[11:08] Blessed point?
[11:08] (Heather) 0.0
[11:08] @(Ben) *_*
[11:08] (Heather) Hi Blessed
[11:08] … Parts: Ben [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[11:08] … Joins: Ben [~Boba@80B32C7B.BB08332F.12D10AB6.IP]
[11:08] @(JROI) [Ben] And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson Heaven holds a place for those who pray
[11:08] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+o Ben]
[11:08] … Joins: jroi-user_7816 [~xqgjnqtgq@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net]
[11:08] (Blessed) the real Heather is here
[11:08] (Jessica) .notice Heather hmm
[11:08] … Quits: jroi-user_7816 [~xqgjnqtgq@JesusRocksOnIrc-1A94F98E.kellogg.id.cebridge.net] (Client exited)
[11:08] (Blessed) the one who skipped school
[11:08] (Jessica) doesnt woork!
[11:08] (Blessed) lol
[11:09] (Jessica) bleh
[11:09] (heatherrr) :O the real heather?
[11:09] heatherrr is real
[11:09] (Peanut) would the real slim shady please stand up?
[11:09] Blessed pushes Jessica down ane takes her chocolate and runs away weeeee weeeee weeeeee all the way home
[11:10] (Blessed) ooops you saw that huh?
[11:10] (Blessed) heatherrr stop reading what i type
[11:10] (Heather) LOL
[11:10] (Heather) hey guys
[11:10] (Jessica) O_O
[11:10] (Blessed) not fair
[11:10] (Thane^Away) buttons MUST be pushed
[11:10] (Jessica) ohh Blessed now its PERSONAL!
[11:10] (Blessed) pushes Thane^Away’s buttons
[11:10] (Jessica) N E V E R touch th chocolate!
[11:11] (Blessed) hehe
[11:11] (Heather) lol
[11:11] Jessica buys a moster truck and chases Blessed
[11:11] (Jessica) muahhahahah
[11:11] (Blessed) Thane^Away: what is the red one for?
[11:11] (Thane^Away) oh, that one’s on the internet… it’s the Big Red Button That Does Nothing
[11:11] tron pulls out some plain pringles out and starts munching.
[11:11] heatherrr kicks Blessed
[11:12] … Joins: Lady_Ema [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net]
[11:12] @(JROI) [Lady_Ema] “Sometimes all you need is a little more cheese in your life.”
[11:12] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+ao Lady_Ema Lady_Ema]
[11:12] @(Lady_Ema) !deop
[11:12] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [-o Lady_Ema]
[11:12] (Thane^Away) Lady_Ema, is Sir_Quinn also going to make an appearance today?
[11:13] Jessica steals tron ‘s pringles
[11:13] … Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[11:13] (Jessica) ommnomonom
[11:13] (Jessica) good
[11:13] Jessica continues her persecution
[11:13] (Lady_Ema) He might. Hes out of town right now..
[11:13] (Peanut) i hope he does.. he needs to know what to buy me :P
[11:13] … Quits: Blessed [~kbwghhpfd@JesusRocksOnIrc-2CAEC9F1.asm.bellsouth.net] (Ping timeout)
[11:13] (Thane^Away) ah, ok
[11:13] (Lady_Ema) why?
[11:13] Thane^Away steals the rest of Peanut’s shoes
[11:13] (Lady_Ema) lol Peanut :P
[11:14] (Peanut) thannnnnne
[11:14] (lala209) <<< [11:14] ... Parts: lala209 [~lyeklqzim@33C56977.6515C1A0.97CE360A.IP]
[11:14] ... Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[11:14] ... Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[11:14] (Heather) soooo
[11:15] ... Joins: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[11:15] ... Joins: Missy [~Youfail@netadmin.jesusrocksonirc.net]
[11:15] ... ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+ao Missy Missy]
[11:16] (Jessica) wb kentuckygal28
[11:16] (Jessica) :P
[11:16] Heather sings Between The Trees – Miss You to him… (Jessica knows who) :P
[11:16] (Jessica) helooo Missy
[11:16] (Heather) MISSY!!!!
[11:16] @(Missy) hi
[11:16] @(Missy) HEATHER!
[11:16] (Heather) woot woot
[11:16] (Jessica) lol :D
[11:16] (Heather) lol
[11:16] … Joins: Timmer [~Timmer@JesusRocksOnIrc-537F5EA1.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com]
[11:16] Missy huggles Heather
[11:17] Heather huggles Missy
[11:17] @(Missy) :]
[11:17] (Heather) what’s up!?
[11:18] @(Missy) nothing, with my nephew and friend
[11:18] @(Missy) we are all on our laptops on my bed
[11:18] (Heather) awsome!
[11:19] … Quits: kentuckygal28 [~brndgsfuu@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[11:19] @(Missy) mhmm
[11:19] (write2witness) laptop party
[11:19] (Heather) lol
[11:19] (heatherrr) woohooo
[11:20] … Joins: guesst [~jcqobjpdn@JesusRocksOnIrc-F8B2C883.stx.res.rr.com]
[11:20] … Parts: guesst [~jcqobjpdn@JesusRocksOnIrc-F8B2C883.stx.res.rr.com]
[11:20] @(Missy) bahaha
[11:20] @(Missy) im teaching my 8 yr old nephew to skype
[11:20] @(Missy) >.<
[11:20] (Heather) lol
[11:20] (Heather) cute
[11:20] @(Missy) haha yup
[11:21] @(Missy) we are txt chatting right now
[11:21] tron graps his 2 lappys and joins in.
[11:21] (Timmer) Hey everybody
[11:21] (pixelpusher) laptop party? lol crazie loonies
[11:21] (tron) hi Timmer
[11:22] (tron) come on pix, join in
[11:22] (Heather) LOL
[11:22] (Heather) nice!
[11:22] … Joins: Karen [~kmdjlwqsf@JesusRocksOnIrc-B62B59E6.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com]
[11:22] (Heather) Hi Karen :)
[11:22] (tron) brb
[11:22] (Karen) hello
[11:23] (heatherrr) skype is the best invention ever
[11:23] (heatherrr) juss sayin..
[11:23] (tron) going to grab a A & W Rootbeer
[11:23] (Karen) I am so upset guys
[11:23] (heatherrr) why
[11:23] (pixelpusher) mmm speaking of which i forgot how to use yahoo messenger lol duhh
[11:24] (Karen) Im rally struggling with my faith
[11:24] (Karen) and i was on another chat room
[11:24] (Karen) I simply expressed my opinion and i got shouted down and kicked out
[11:25] (Karen) I wasnt rude
[11:25] (heatherrr) not hard jose :)
[11:25] (Heather) so what’s got you in such a pickle?
[11:25] (Karen) i even said lets agre to disagree and i got kicked out. Im very upset that this has happened
[11:26] (Diego) hi Karen
[11:26] (Diego) how are you
[11:26] (Karen) Hello :(
[11:26] (tron) Karen it happens
[11:26] (Karen) Im sad
[11:26] (Diego) qre you the same Karen i know?
[11:26] (Karen) How do you know me
[11:26] (tron) we here don’t agree on everything
[11:26] (Karen) or think you kow me
[11:26] (Diego) um i dont think so
[11:27] (Karen) Well, I kind of want to say im done with seeking
[11:27] (Karen) because im being rejected everywhere
[11:27] (Diego) so from ahere are you Karen
[11:27] (Diego) where
[11:27] (Karen) the uk
[11:27] (tron) ah k
[11:27] … Quits: Lady_Ema [~Lady_Ema@csops.jesusrocksonirc.net] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | Lady_Ema)
[11:27] (Diego) yeaah you are not the russian girl i know
[11:29] … Joins: Tiffany [~xjwyqflcu@98810544.1D0EBC47.BD641A28.IP]
[11:29] (Heather) Hi Tiffany
[11:30] (Tiffany) ello :)
[11:30] (Heather) How are you?
[11:30] … Quits: Karen [~kmdjlwqsf@JesusRocksOnIrc-B62B59E6.aztw.cable.virginmedia.com] (Client exited)
[11:30] (Tiffany) Im tired lol, brb uploading photos on facebook.
[11:30] (Heather) k
[11:31] Missy is listening to: Prince Royce – Corazón Sin Cara [03:31m]
[11:32] (Diego) oh, i am uploading fotos on flikr tiffany
[11:32] (Diego) i will pass you the link later
[11:33] Missy is listening to: Uh Huh Her – Black And Blue [03:17m]
[11:33] … Joins: kentuckygal28 [~epgnulpuj@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net]
[11:33] (Peanut) pink and yellow?
[11:33] (Peanut) really?
[11:33] (Peanut) have i tought you nothing
[11:34] (Peanut) taught
[11:34] (Peanut) i dunno.. im tired
[11:34] heatherrr kicks Thane^Away in the back of his leg
[11:35] (kentuckygal28) I forgot I am supposed to be waiting up until hubby gets home……might as well hand out
[11:35] (kentuckygal28) hang out
[11:36] (Heather) Missy! Is he ever going to get on :P
[11:36] … Nick: Gods_Light is now known as [Gods_Light|DEAD]
[11:36] Missy is listening to: Uh Huh Her – Never the Same [03:33m]
[11:36] (Heather) ?!?!?!?!?
[11:36] @(Missy) lol idk
[11:36] (Heather) haha I love how you know who I am talking about
[11:36] @(Missy) :)
[11:36] … Nick: Gods_Light|DEAD is now known as [Gods_Light|ALIVE]
[11:37] (Heather) o.0
[11:37] (Heather) What is going on Gods_Light?
[11:38] (Jessica) Thane^Away: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:38] (Jessica) lol
[11:38] (Jessica) XD
[11:39] (Thane^Away) hmm?
[11:39] (Tiffany) back
[11:39] (Heather) wb :)
[11:39] kentuckygal28 twiddles her fingers while sitting in the corner waiting
[11:39] (Tiffany) thanks.
[11:39] (write2witness) hey Tiff
[11:39] (Heather) mhm
[11:39] (Tiffany) heyyy write2witness
[11:40] (write2witness) aiye, i need to get a rotweiller, lol
[11:40] (Jessica) stop yawning at me Thane^Away !! at least brush your teeth!!
[11:40] (Jessica) XD
[11:40] (Heather) lol wow
[11:40] heatherrr has a pittbull/boxer mix :)
[11:40] Tiffany ‘s knee hurts.
[11:40] (Jessica) :(
[11:40] (write2witness) i think that would keep these people away
[11:41] (write2witness) lol
[11:41] Thane^Away YAWNS at Jessica
[11:41] … Nick: Gods_Light|ALIVE is now known as [Gods_Light]
[11:41] (heatherrr) yepp
[11:41] (Jessica) im sorry Tiffany !! i wont kick you again in the knee!! :P
[11:41] … Quits: kentuckygal28 [~epgnulpuj@JesusRocksOnIrc-965BCC2B.dsl1.rtr.chat.fpma.frpt.net] (Client exited)
[11:41] (heatherrr) she doesnt like guys..
[11:41] (write2witness) hi Gods_Light
[11:41] (Jessica) eeeeeeeeeeeeeew
[11:41] (Heather) lol
[11:41] (Tiffany) lol thanks :P
[11:41] Jessica eats onions and yawna at Thane^Away :P
[11:41] … Joins: Blind [~mzbjoxpww@JesusRocksOnIrc-3F13513E.bstnma.fios.verizon.net]
[11:41] (Heather) ew
[11:41] (Blind) Yuck
[11:41] (Heather) wb Blind
[11:41] (Heather) 0.0
[11:41] (Blind) I am welcomed :D
[11:41] (Heather) hahaha
[11:41] (Jessica) heatherrr: who doesnt?
[11:41] (Jessica) O_O
[11:41] (Heather) my right hand man!
[11:42] Thane^Away eats a whole head of garlic and YAWNS back at Jessica
[11:42] (Blind) You just keep saying stuff when I enter
[11:42] (Heather) 0.0
[11:42] Jessica faints
[11:42] (Blind) Too easy
[11:42] (Tiffany) write2witness: how u been
[11:42] (Heather) LOL
[11:42] (heatherrr) im saying my dog doesnt like men.. she like goes crazy barking a growling when she sees guys
[11:42] (write2witness) I’ve been great
[11:42] (write2witness) you?
[11:42] (heatherrr) but she is fine with a stranger woman
[11:42] (Heather) lol heatherrr
[11:42] (Heather) I like it
[11:42] (Tiffany) ehh ? okay I suppose. Today was an emotional day for me lol
[11:43] (write2witness) you OK?
[11:43] (Jessica) aaaaaaaaaw!! cute!!! heatherrr whats her name?? :D
[11:43] … Quits: pixelpusher [~bxviazxhf@JesusRocksOnIrc-921A5A06.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] (Client exited)
[11:43] (Tiffany) Yeah. I will be :)
[11:43] (heatherrr) Jessica her name is sugar
[11:43] (write2witness) you’re an amazing woman, Tiff
[11:43] Tiffany smiles
[11:43] (Tiffany) Thank you
[11:43] Missy is listening to: Uh Huh Her – Not A Love Song [03:35m]
[11:43] (Tiffany) :)
[11:43] (write2witness) yw
[11:44] (Tiffany) I would love to hibernate in a dark cold room for a couple days lol. I need some sleep :)
[11:45] … Quits: Peanut [~Anon2217@F1819DD.CE0AE2D9.9B858DDD.IP] (| www.jesusrocksonirc.net | | Add Us to your favorites and Come Back Later |)
[11:45] (write2witness) i would imagine
[11:45] … Quits: Jessica [~votmdnxai@5AE50347.FA963FE1.48BEFFB7.IP] (Ping timeout)
[11:45] (write2witness) just talking about your days exhausts me
[11:45] (Heather) lol
[11:45] (Tiffany) yeahh… On top of all that, the emotional toll takes the worst lol
[11:46] (write2witness) awwww
[11:46] (write2witness) ((((((((( Tiff )))))))))
[11:46] (Blind) What do you do?
[11:46] (Tiffany) :D thanks !
[11:46] … Joins: Jessica [~votmdnxai@5AE50347.FA963FE1.48BEFFB7.IP]
[11:46] (Heather) wb Jessica
[11:46] (Jessica) sugar!!!
[11:46] (Jessica) awwwwwwww!!
[11:46] (Jessica) thanks!!
[11:46] (heatherrr) yes lol
[11:46] (Jessica) thats one of my nicks lol
[11:46] (Jessica) XD
[11:47] (heatherrr) lol
[11:47] (heatherrr) ohh yeah?
[11:47] (Jessica) yeah
[11:47] (Jessica) :P
[11:47] (Jessica) in the mornings lol
[11:47] (tron) man I went to the store to buy A & W Rootbeer, and came back with chips and dip also.
[11:47] (Jessica) how do you do the notice thingys!!
[11:47] (Jessica) lol
[11:47] (Jessica) mmmm
[11:47] (Jessica) you share tron ?? :P
[11:48] (tron) yap
[11:48] (Jessica) :D
[11:48] Thane^Away YAWNS
[11:48] (tron) I really don’t need them
[11:48] (Jessica) chips
[11:48] (Tiffany) I wake up 6-7 a.m., babysit all day until 8p.m., during that time I cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, clean, do laundry, dishes, clean the carpets, mop, dust, change diapers, play with the baby, pay bills, etc.
[11:48] … Joins: kandibar [~cctfwuyum@JesusRocksOnIrc-721697D.dial1.orlando1.level3.net]
[11:48] Jessica stares at Thane^Away
[11:48] (Jessica) yea!!!
[11:48] … Joins: Gods_Princess [~glgmlsiup@JesusRocksOnIrc-9FD18EC6.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com]
[11:48] (Blind) Oh my
[11:48] (Gods_Princess) HOLA EVERYONE!!!!!!
[11:48] (Heather) ./notice Nick Message
[11:49] (Heather) hi :)
[11:49] (Blind) That is quite a burden
[11:49] (tron) wow
[11:49] (Jessica) ./notice Heather works?
[11:49] (Thane^Away) who is nick?
[11:49] (Thane^Away) :P
[11:49] (Tiffany) It indeed is.
[11:49] (tron) I’m tired now
[11:49] (Jessica) ptff
[11:49] (Heather) not the .
[11:49] (Heather) lol
[11:49] (tron) heheh
[11:49] (Thane^Away) ./notice Jessica indeed it does
[11:49] (Heather) LOL
[11:49] (Jessica) lol
[11:49] (Jessica) shush Thane^Away
[11:49] (Heather) Thane! be nice
[11:49] (Heather) Yeah
[11:49] (Heather) :) )
[11:49] (Blind) Well Tiffany I think if you resent it don’t do it, if you don’t then find peace in it.
[11:49] (Heather) :)
[11:49] (Jessica) weeeeeeee!!!
[11:49] (Thane^Away) I WAS (yawn) being nice :P
[11:50] (Heather) lol
[11:50] (Heather) lol
[11:50] Jessica kicks Thane^Away
[11:50] (Gods_Princess) *sleepy*
[11:50] (Tiffany) I have to lol…
[11:50] (Gods_Princess) OMG Missy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:50] (Jessica) Ben :P
[11:50] (write2witness) seems to me God is grooming you for something
[11:50] (Tiffany) I dont mind doing it sometimes, its the emotional toll that I get like if something isnt done, I get in trouble etc.. but yeahh :D
[11:50] @(Missy) o.O
[11:50] (Gods_Princess) long time no talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[11:50] … Joins: Morningstar777 [~ugctuxfql@JesusRocksOnIrc-3E8AE326.dhcp.lncy.or.charter.com]
[11:50] (Gods_Princess) :D
[11:51] @(Missy) who are you? :/
[11:51] (Tiffany) I hope write2witness :D
[11:51] (Tiffany) lo
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) lol
[11:51] (Tiffany) lol*
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) my user name used to be One_Love
[11:51] (Morningstar777) Hello my fellow bretheren :)
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) lol
[11:51] Jessica hugs Tiffany
[11:51] (write2witness) i mean, i thought you were 27
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) but i decided to go with Gods_Princess
[11:51] (Morningstar777) yay, hugs for everyone!!!
[11:51] (write2witness) ccol
[11:51] (Blind) No hug for me thanks
[11:51] (write2witness) cool even
[11:51] (Jessica) nope just Tiffany
[11:51] (Jessica) :P
[11:51] (Morningstar777) awwww
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) lol omg i love how we’re fb friends and u ask!! lol
[11:51] (Tiffany) thanks :D ! lol
[11:51] (Morningstar777) why no hug for you Mr Blind?
[11:51] (write2witness) serious
[11:51] (Tiffany) you guys bring a smile to my face :D
[11:51] (Gods_Princess) :P
[11:51] (Blind) No physical contact
[11:52] (Morningstar777) Hugs are like gods little blankies
[11:52] (Heather) 0.0
[11:52] (tron) yap
[11:52] (Tiffany) You thought I was 27 ?
[11:52] Heather huggles Blind
[11:52] Ben rawrs at Tiffany
[11:52] Jessica approaches Blind
[11:52] (Jessica) hehehehhe
[11:52] @(Ben) Tiffany is 72 get it right :P
[11:52] (Blind) Don’t you dare O_O
[11:52] (tron) hugs are good for the soul
[11:52] (Morningstar777) Awww… Force hugging bline
[11:52] (Morningstar777) blind
[11:52] (Morningstar777) its not physical if its online, silly
[11:52] (Tiffany) Ben: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:52] Tiffany hugs bennay
[11:52] Heather huggles Blind really tight
[11:52] (Blind) It’s physical in my head
[11:52] @(Ben) I’ve been here the entire Time Tiffany :P
[11:52] (Heather) lol
[11:52] (Tiffany) lol
[11:52] (Gods_Princess) lol Missy its Lindsey
[11:52] (Gods_Princess) :D
[11:52] (Tiffany) well im just an idiot :(
[11:52] (Tiffany) lol
[11:52] Jessica kicks Ben
[11:52] Blind has a tiny mental breakdown because of contact
[11:52] (tron) hehehe
[11:52] (Morningstar777) your head is physical :D
[11:53] (Tiffany) write2witness: you thought I was 27 ?
[11:53] (Heather) LOL
[11:53] (Heather) ouch
[11:53] @(Ben) no ur not Tiffany
[11:53] Ben rubs his butt
[11:53] Ben glares at Jessica
[11:53] (bababa) Blind: aspie?
[11:53] @(Missy) :( i dont know a lindsey
[11:53] (Tiffany) lol Ben !
[11:53] (Tiffany) sicko !
[11:53] (Morningstar777) I have a boner
[11:53] (Blind) aspie?
[11:53] (Tiffany) :o
[11:53] … Quits: Morningstar777 [~ugctuxfql@JesusRocksOnIrc-3E8AE326.dhcp.lncy.or.charter.com] (User has been permanently banned from JesusRocksOnIrc (no reason))
[11:53] @(Ben) !kb Morningstar777
[11:53] (Blind) Um…
[11:53] Jessica is now a meter away from Blind
[11:53] (Tiffany) eewww
[11:53] (Gods_Princess) lol Missy we r fb friends silly!!
[11:53] Blind starts edging towards the door
[11:53] (tron) ah bye 777
[11:53] @(Missy) OH
[11:53] (Thane^Away) whoa, Missy was fast on that troll
[11:53] @(Missy) >.<
[11:53] ... Joins: jroi-user_8059 [~mnbufrtlm@JesusRocksOnIrc-3206B39F.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]
[11:53] (kandibar) Hey everyone!!! How are you all doing tonight
[11:53] @(Missy) :D
[11:53] (Gods_Princess) arent u fb friends with Claudette?
[11:54] @(Ben) Blind: aspie term used for someone with autism/aspergers
[11:54] (tron) doing ok here
[11:54] (Blind) Oh
[11:54] (Blind) not quite
[11:54] (jroi-user_8059) i got a black, 10.5 inch, 6LB. UNCUT dick that's nice and fat
[11:54] ... ChanMode: JROI sets mode [+b *!*@JesusRocksOnIrc-3206B39F.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com]
[11:54] ... Kicks: jroi-user_8059 was kicked from #jroi by [JROI] (Watch your language!)
[11:54] (Blind) I was borderline as a kid i think
[11:54] (Tiffany) ugh
[11:54] (Blind) But it didn't come into fullness
[11:54] Jessica tackle hugs Blind !!!!
[11:54] (Jessica) hihihihi
[11:54] (Jessica) whats a boner? O_O
[11:54] (heatherrr) omg…
[11:54] Blind NOOOOOOOO
[11:54] (tron) o they are coming out tonight
[11:54] (Tiffany) ………………………..
[11:54] @(Missy) :|
[11:54] Blind is slain
[11:54] Tiffany hides
[11:55] (Tiffany) I dont like these words
[11:55] (Gods_Light) gotta love the filter
[11:55] heatherrr chooses not to answer that quiestion.
[11:55] (write2witness) yes, i thought you were 27
[11:55] (kandibar) jessica-you don’t need to know, it’s nothing that should be said in here
[11:55] (write2witness) or older
[11:55] (tron) yeah
[11:55] (Heather) 0.0
[11:55] (Heather) oh wow
[11:55] (Heather) what a time to come back in
[11:55] (Tiffany) lol
[11:55] (write2witness) lol
[11:55] (Tiffany) wb
[11:55] (Jessica) okay :D thanks kandibar :D :D
[11:55] (tron) lol
[11:55] (Drumfan84) … I’ll answer that question! :) haha
[11:55] (Heather) thanks lol
[11:55] (kandibar) no problem
[11:55] (Drumfan84) (just kidding)
[11:56] (Heather) Don’t you dare!
[11:56] (heatherrr) lol
[11:56] … Joins: pixelpusher [~bxviazxhf@JesusRocksOnIrc-921A5A06.hsd1.ca.comcast.net]
[11:57] (Heather) wb Pixel
[11:57] (heatherrr) wb pixelpusher
[11:57] (tron) wb pix
[11:57] (pixelpusher) dank u
[11:57] (CuteCowboy) hi Tiffany you wanna be my friend? :)
[11:57] (pixelpusher) hi folks
[11:57] (CuteCowboy) :D
[11:57] (kandibar) there are lots of people in here who are here everytime i chat
[11:57] (write2witness) wb pixel
[11:57] (Jessica) Drumfan84: ?? the Drumfan84 ??
[11:57] (Jessica) tj??? :P
[11:57] (Jessica) lol
[11:57] (pixelpusher) dank you :)
[11:57] tron looks around….
[11:57] (Heather) lol
[11:57] … Joins: Stacie [~jlorbmyos@EC0BA108.DD581AD6.36F73159.IP]
[11:57] (CuteCowboy) i lvoe making friends :D
[11:57] (kandibar) tron-what are you up to
[11:57] Missy sits next to Heather
[11:58] (Heather) :)
[11:58] (Blind) I love making acausal machinations
[11:58] (Jessica) bleh
[11:58] Heather huggles Missy
[11:58] … Joins: Shadowfoot [~blumiyovb@D2383D7C.5EFC877A.C8C1CC62.IP]
[11:58] (write2witness) so whats up, pix?
[11:58] (Drumfan84) yeah… ?
[11:58] (tron) ah … as little as possible. ;-)
[11:58] (Heather) Jessica >.< lol
[11:58] heatherrr pokes Drumfan84
[11:58] (Jessica) :P
[11:58] (pixelpusher) oh not much write2… actually feel like i might be coming down with a cold :(
[11:58] (Stacie) hey
[11:58] (kandibar) same here
[11:58] Missy huggles back
[11:58] (kandibar) just got back from work
[11:58] (Heather) lol late missy!
[11:58] @(Ben) !deop
[11:58] … ChanMode: JROI sets mode [-o Ben]
[11:58] (Drumfan84) umm… ouch?
[11:58] … Quits: Shadowfoot [~blumiyovb@D2383D7C.5EFC877A.C8C1CC62.IP] (Client exited)
[11:58] (write2witness) uh oh, well then more of that splenda
[11:58] @(Missy) sorry my nephew was talking to me
[11:59] (Heather) lol
[11:59] (heatherrr) lol
[11:59] @(Missy) hes putting music on his laptop
[11:59] (Heather) cool
[11:59] (Blind) Tell him to just use pandora
[11:59] @(Missy) and is being impatient
[11:59] (tron) yeah
[11:59] (pixelpusher) no actually i’m thinking i might have a drop in blood pressure now.. maybe i need some real sugar
[11:59] (tron) why load the HD
[11:59] (pixelpusher) lol
[11:59] … Quits: Stacie [~jlorbmyos@EC0BA108.DD581AD6.36F73159.IP] (Client exited)
[11:59] (write2witness) are you diabetic?
[11:59] Heather sings Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon
[11:59] (pixelpusher) no
[11:59] Drumfan84 just realized he hasn’t eaten dinner tonight.
[11:59] Tiffany yawns
Session Close: Sun May 29 00:00:01 2011

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